Three NBA Draft Prospects the Cleveland Cavs Can Trade Back in For

Three NBA Draft Prospects the Cleveland Cavs Can Trade Back in For

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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Three NBA Draft Prospects the Cleveland Cavs Can Trade Back in For

The 2021 NBA Draft is now but a week away. With the Bucks now minted as champs for the first time since 1971, the next step is for the not-so-good teams to try and improve through the draft. Milwaukee and Phoenix are not looking to improve this way, but teams like Houston, Detroit, and Cleveland could speed up the rebuild with some success.

Of course, Evan Mobley is the guy most of those around the team want. He can play four and five, start next to Jarrett Allen, and then also serve as a backup for him. But, if he is taken by the Rockets at #2, things could become both complicated and interesting.

Should this happen, Cleveland would most likely consider trading back. Who could they take in that potential scenario? Read on.

Scottie Barnes

Ready to enter the league out of Florida State, the sky is the limit for Scottie Barnes. He’s 6’7, 225 lbs, and is capable of running an offense. He can also play either forward spot. The fact that he can score and create while guarding different guys on the other side makes him invaluable.

There is not much that he isn’t capable of, and he could be an interesting addition to play power forward here. There would be the chance he’d take Isaac Okoro’s spot at SF to provide more height and allow Okoro himself to come off the bench.

But make no mistake here. Barnes is one of the first guys they should consider if trading back is, in fact, an approach they would consider.

Davion Mitchell

This would be very unlikely and an odd fit, but Davion Mitchell would look good in a Cavs jersey. The fact is that Darius Garland and Collin Sexton are both here, and Mitchell would be a point guard, probably taking big minutes away from the aforementioned duo.

But, like Donovan Mitchell (no relation), he is a walking bucket. He’s a decent facilitator. And he’s got an awfully high ceiling. If there are any reservations with Sexton and Jalen Green isn’t the guy the team wants, this dude could be really nice.

The term “walking bucket” would be a very good one to describe Davion.

Jonathan Kuminga

A wing that can play both forward spots, Jonathan Kuminga has a bright NBA future. His game doesn’t have too many holes in it, and he can play tremendous defense. And he is a guy that brings great length to the table, which Cleveland has not had in several years. They always had a more natural PF.

He is somebody that could help a lot of teams, and playing next to Okoro could make the defense that much better. The Cavs struggle to get stops when SexLand is out there together, so putting more talent on that end could be a big step in helping them to get back into the playoff mix.

The Cavs will be in the playoffs before too long. And if Kuminga is somebody who lands there, good days would surely be ahead.

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