Top Five LeBron James Moments in Cavs History

Top Five LeBron James Moments in Cavs History

Ayden Fahlstrom
2 years ago
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Top Five LeBron James Moments in Cavs History

The Cavs and Lakers will get together on Friday, in a game that will bring a lot of memories back. It is a matchup that should be a lot of fun, the two teams both having a lot of talent out there. Of course, LeBron James has missed the last two games with an ankle injury.

But, he had a long career with the Cavs. Two of them, actually. Two wildly different tenures. Let’s look at five great moments from his time with the Cavs.

5. Game-Winning Three vs Orlando

Sure, the 2008-09 Cavs were special. They made it to the conference finals after winning 61 games in the regular season. And in a series with an Orlando team way ahead of its time in regards to shooting the three, they found themselves struggling.

LeBron sunk a game-winning three to even the series at 1-1 at the game 2 buzzer. They would lose in six games, but it was a moment that has long resonated.

4. Full-Court Hoop

All NBA players practice crazy shots. LeBron James was in an old bubblegum commercial that featured him sinking full-court shots consecutively like it was nothing. And in a game in 2006, he actually made one of these shots.

The team wound up beating the Celtics by three points, so his shot wound up being the difference in the score. An 82-footer, by far the longest basket he made in his long career in the pros.

3. Franchise Single-Game Scoring Record

During his second season in the association, LeBron James put on a scoring performance that he would not top until he got to the Miami Heat. The team as a whole scored 98, and they wound up losing the contest by eight.

James wound up pouring in 56 for the evening, becoming the first player to ever amass that many. Kyrie Irving would drop 57 to pass him for the franchise record, but for a guy in year two to do what the King did, was just insane. Crazy.

2. 29 out of 30 Against Detroit

Any Cavs fan will remember the series with Detroit in 2006. The perennial contenders in the East won only one title during their run, and Cleveland is to thank for that. More specifically, a certain No. 23.

In a game that wound up in double overtime, James made sure he put on the best performance he has ever had on the big stage. He scored 48 points in all, including 25 straight at one point. In all, he scored 29 of 30, with an Anderson Varejao included.

The team would have had no chance without his heroics. He could not have played better if he tried. History.

1. The Title

CLEVELAND, THIS IS FOR YOU! This is what LeBron James yelled after guiding the Cavs to the 2016 NBA title, a 3-1 comeback against a Warriors team that went 73-9 in the regular season. They could not be stopped and made sure to come away as the victors at the end, there.

LeBron delivered on his promise, recording one of the greatest blocked shots ever, a chase-down on Andre Iguodala with two minutes left in a defensive duel, the score tied.

They won it all. He is to thank. He came through.

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