Top Prospects the Cavs Should Hope for in 2021 NBA Draft Lottery

Top Prospects the Cavs Should Hope for in 2021 NBA Draft Lottery

Ryan Knuppel
3 years ago
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Top Prospects the Cavs Should Hope for in 2021 NBA Draft Lottery

It’s a national holiday. If you’re a Cavs fan or live in Ohio, it is, at least. IT IS LOTTERY DAY! The day where the 14 teams who missed the NBA Playoffs find out where they will pick in this summer’s draft. And so, it begins.

The Cavaliers won the #1 pick lottery three times in the four-year span between 2011-2014. But in the second period of rebuilding without LeBron, they have failed to crack the top four. Can that finally change?

What should we as Cavs fans hope for?

Cade Cunningham

The likely #1 pick in the draft can help a lot of teams take the next step. And if he lands in Cleveland, there will likely be mounting pressure to get Kevin Love and his inconsistencies across the board off the team. It would be a great guy to end up in The Land to try and help them to the playoffs.

Cunningham had some great moments in March Madness, guiding his Oklahoma State team to a number of impressive wins. He’s a big guy that can play several positions and defend at a high level. He can facilitate while operating as a sort of point forward, which would take pressure off the team’s talented backcourt.

His ability to shoot the three would make him a good fit next to Jarrett Allen. This may only be a pipedream, given that the team is unlikely to land the top pick.

Evan Mobley

A 7’0 that can play next to Jarrett Allen and shoot the ball from deep would be nice. Also, having two rim protectors would be incredible. Not many NBA teams have had that luxury over the years, but it sure would be nice to be the case in CLE.

A player with a number of skills on both ends of the floor, Mobley impressed in his time at USC. And so, if he can land with the Cavs, the team would be getting a hard-working, unicorn type of guy. The last USC draft pick did not quite pan out on the court, but that was for different reasons.

Mobley is somebody that fans should embrace if he lands here and somebody that could be a big part of the next playoff squad for the Cavs.

Jalen Suggs

SexLand is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean the Cavs can’t take another guard. Jalen Suggs is only 6’4, but he has such a great skillset. He can score from all over the place while doing a nice job of setting up teammates. He’s also a top-tier defender, which a lot of his old foes can attest to.

He hits big shots and is always ready to go when his team needs big plays. He’s a player that every team misses out on. Cade and Mobley will be chomping at the bit to land. If he ended up here, he could possibly replace Isaac Okoro in closing situations as another scorer on the court.

It would be helpful to find players to help the team’s stars play fewer regular-season minutes. That could log 20-30 per game off the pine. Suggs could be that.

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