UFC 269 Betting Preview: Oliveira vs. Poirier Odds & Bet Pick

UFC 269 Betting Preview: Oliveira vs. Poirier Odds & Bet Pick

Barry Devoe
2 years ago
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UFC 269 Betting Preview

The UFC lightweight division has had its share of drama over the years. During the streak of Khabib’s reign, many fighters now have an opportunity to take hold since his retirement.

The main event for UFC 269 is an exciting matchup between current champion Charles Oliveira and challenger Dustin Poirier. This could play out in a variety of ways.

Date: December 11, 2021

Venue: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV

Main Card on PPV at 9:00 PM

Main Event Showdown

Charles “Do Bronx” Oliveira (31-8-0)

Oliveira is setting up to defend his first lightweight championship. He took care of Michael Chandler back in May in order to have the rights for the belt since Khabib Nurmagomedov retired. In addition, he has won nine straight.

Oliveira’s record is something to be scared of, with nine wins by knockout, 19 by submission, and three by decision. The reason for worry, if you are on the other side, is that he holds the record for most finishes at 17 and has the most submissions at 14 for the UFC.

As for the offense, he strikes with accuracy at 52 percent and has a grappling accuracy at 44 percent. He delivers 3.26 significant strikes each minute while taking on 3.01.

Oliveira defends against takedowns at 57 percent and defends against significant strikes with a defense at 53 percent. He also is not shy to fight on the ground, with 2.64 takedowns and 2.70 submissions for every 15 minutes.

Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier (28-6-0)

Poirier has looked excellent in the stacked lightweight division, winning against everyone that did not have the name Khabib. He once held the interim lightweight belt for a short time, and he is currently on a three-fight winning streak coming into this fight.

He has grown a lot since his earlier days in fighting for the UFC, which has blossomed into 14 wins by knockout, seven by submission, and seven by decision. His rise to being a dominant fighter has been a long road indeed.

He can strike with the best, as he typically strikes with accuracy at 50 percent and can take fights to the ground with a grappling accuracy at 36 percent. He delivers 5.62 significant strikes a minute while taking on 4.19.

Poirier defends against takedowns at 61 percent and defends against significant strikes with a defense at 54 percent. He also manages to throw in 1.50 takedowns and 1.20 submissions for every 15 minutes of action.

Potential Outcome

You could argue that this fight has the potential to be a coin flip, meaning it could go either way for both fighters. They each have shown why they are fit for the job as a champion.

Since both fighters love to strike, this could turn into an all-out striking war in favor of Poirier. However, Oliveira will do his best to try and take the fight to the ground to add to his impressive submission and finishing records. It looks like we are in for an exciting bout!

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