Updated NBA Title Odds

Updated NBA Title Odds

Ayden Fahlstrom
3 years ago
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Brooklyn Nets +240

Los Angeles Lakers +350

Los Angeles Clippers +650

Utah Jazz +700

Milwaukee Bucks +750

The Nets have only played a small handful of games with their big-three of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, but assuming they’re all healthy come playoff time, they are a decent favorite to win the NBA Finals. The Lakers have also battled injuries, but the return of Anthony Davis and the upcoming return of LeBron James are encouraging for their title hopes.

The Clippers, Jazz, and Bucks are all close together, following Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Utah is the most interesting addition to this tier, as their league-best 44-15 record has now elevated them to real “favorite” status. The Clippers and Bucks, meanwhile, are hoping to avenge disappointing second-round exits from last season.


Philadelphia 76ers +1200

Phoenix Suns +2000

Denver Nuggets +3500

Miami Heat +3800

Dallas Mavericks +4000

Boston Celtics +5000

Portland Trail Blazers +6000

The big two teams here are the 76ers and Suns, each of whom own the two-seeds in their respective conferences. Philadelphia, despite a long stretch without MVP candidate Joel Embiid, is just half a game behind the Nets in the Eastern Conference for the one-seed, which would earn them home-court advantage until the Finals.

Denver’s odds took a big hit with the season-ending injury to Jamal Murray. However, MVP favorite Nikola Jokic is keeping them in contention. Last year’s runner-up Miami is currently in the play-in round but is a possible sleeper once the playoffs start again.


Atlanta Hawks +10000

New York Knicks +10000

Indiana Pacers +15000

Memphis Grizzlies +15000

Toronto Raptors +15000

Chicago Bulls +25000

Golden State Warriors +25000

New Orleans Pelicans +25000

San Antonio Spurs +25000

Charlotte Hornets +50000

Washington Wizards +50000

There’s an interesting mix of teams here, headline by the four-seed Knicks. With the league’s best scoring defense and an experienced head coach Tom Thibodeau at the helm, they’re a team that could have fun grinding it out in a playoff series. The Hawks are also in this group, tied with New York in the East.

One interesting team in this group of longshots is the Warriors, thanks purely to the MVP-caliber play of Steph Curry. The Hornets are also a little lower than expected, being the eight-seed in the East, and will be getting LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward back before the playoffs begin.

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Sacramento Kings +100000

Cleveland Cavaliers +150000

Detroit Pistons +150000

Oklahoma City Thunder +150000

Orlando Magic +150000

Out of all of these teams, the Cavaliers find themselves closest to the postseason. Trailing the Wizards for the 10-seed by five games, Cleveland needs guards Collin Sexton and Darius Garland to anchor them on offense while Jarrett Allen takes care of business down low.

While the Kings may have had a chance, winning just two of their last 10 games has really hurt their odds to make the playoffs, let alone with the title. Same for the Magic, who, after selling at the deadline, are just 1-9 in their last 10 contests.


Minnesota Timberwolves

Houston Rockets

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