Way-Too-Early 2022 Cleveland NBA All-Star Game Predictions

Way-Too-Early 2022 Cleveland NBA All-Star Game Predictions

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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Way-Too-Early 2022 Cleveland NBA All-Star Game Predictions

If you were asleep under a rock for the past year, nobody would blame you. But, it would mean you missed the announcement of NBA All-Star 2022. It’s going to be in The Land. Cleveland will be hosting it all, and so the hope will be that some of their guys can make it.

Dunk contest and 3-pt shootout aside, the team could project to have at least one All-Star in Collin Sexton. All the rumors of trading him are just that, and he could be the team representative all weekend long.

Let’s make some picks, way too early, about what might happen with the Cavaliers players at the event.

Jarrett Allen Re-Signs and Goes Ballistic

These are bold predictions as much as anything, remember. But the first one is all about the Fro. Jarrett Allen is a very good center. He can dunk on your favorite player, block their dunk attempt as well, and throw down lobs as well as anybody in the league. And he’s still not even 26 years of age yet. His future is very bright.

Once he inks the new deal with the Cavs, he will be free to start working on his game with his teammates again. And he’s going to add the three-pointer to his arsenal. He could average 15 and 15 with two blocks and find his way into the midseason classic. You never know.

Collin Sexton Gets into the Game with 29 PPG

Sexton is an absolute bucket. Regardless of if people watch the Cavs, they know this. The one game against Brooklyn is enough of a relevant sample size for all the other quality performances he has put up. The man takes a basketball and effectively gets it inside the rim.

A prediction here is that he will average 29 points per game and finally get the league-wide respect that has been neglected. He has what it takes to shine as a hooper, and to see everyone constantly bashing him is flat our horrendous.

He is going to average north of 28 points per game, and the coaches will even find a way to get him a sixth or seventh man role. It would be great to see him putting on right in the same place he ignites the crowd.

Kevin Love Isn’t Traded and Turns the Clocks Back

Kevin Love has spent seven years in Cleveland so far. And he has only one All-Star nod to show for it. In this hypothetical, he is not dealt with and finds a way to become a key contributor. He is going to be the player that shines for the team and makes them instantly relevant again.

He would probably average 21 and 13, and be the rebounder he was while playing in Minnesota. That was helped by his being bigger, but Kevin is capable on the glass, even still.

He is going to come in with his shot and just keep scoring. It is the most unlikely of the three scenarios, but this is what the front office seems to think of him. So maybe he’ll come back from the Olympics a new man.

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