Wednesday Three-Pick Parlay: Best MLB & NBA Betting Predictions For April 20

Wednesday Three-Pick Parlay: Best MLB & NBA Betting Predictions For April 20

Nick Pedone
2 years ago
1 min read
Shane Bieber throws a pitch for the Cleveland Guardians against the Cincinnati Reds

The snow has finally melted in Cleveland, and I have been sitting on the first leg of this parlay bet since Sunday evening. 

The day has finally come to deploy it.

Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Guardians

The Bet: White Sox @ Guardians Under 0.5 Total Runs - Inning 1 (-117)

It's Shane Bieber on the mound for the Guardians facing Dallas Keuchel for the White Sox. This is a beautiful pitching matchup, so we're betting "No Run First Inning" in hopes that a run won't be scored in the first six outs of this ballgame.

Now, Bieber and Keuchel haven't looked like themselves to start the 2022 campaign, but this is a perfect game to bounce back. This series was supposed to start two days ago. These hitters have been sitting idle in their hotel rooms since then.

There won't be a run in this first inning. Let's sweat it out at 2:10 p.m. 

Brooklyn Nets vs. Boston Celtics

The Bet: Brooklyn Nets ML (+135)

I can't believe the Nets are underdogs here.

Kevin Durant played the worst I've seen him play in awhile in Game 1's loss to the Boston Celtics on Sunday. He will bounce back. Kyrie Irving paid a $50,000 fine for giving the middle finger to Boston fans. Tonight, Kyrie will give them the middle finger on the court. These dudes are wired differently.

Also, it took a literal heroic effort from Jayson Tatum to sneak past the No. 7 seed. It's impossible for me to pick against Brooklyn tonight.

Chicago Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks

The Bet: Milwaukee Bucks ML (-500)

Betting the moneyline on this caliber of a favorite is probably not that wise. But there's absolutely no chance I touch a 10-point spread in the NBA Playoffs. So, I tossed it into this parlay.

This series should be a sweep. DeMar DeRozan is really good but Giannis Antetokunmpo is from a different planet and the Bucks aren't losing this game.

Total Odds

Toss these three betting picks for today into a parlay, and you get +424 odds. Not bad, all things considered.

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