What are the Cleveland Cavs 2021 NBA Draft Lottery Odds?

What are the Cleveland Cavs 2021 NBA Draft Lottery Odds?

Cole Paganelli
3 years ago
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What are the Cleveland Cavs 2021 NBA Draft Lottery Odds?

The NBA Draft Lottery is fast approaching. And so, it goes without saying that it will be a big day for Cavs fans. The discovery of where they will select their first player in the coming year’s draft. Whether or not they win it, we shall see.

Let’s take a look at the places where the Cavs have the best chance of selecting.

Seventh Pick: 25.5%

The Cavaliers did a lot of losing during the final months of the 2020-21 campaign. But, in the case of the lottery, they did not do enough to give themselves a good shot at a top-five selection. As it stands now, they would slot in with the No. 7 pick in the draft.

It would not be a terrible thing, as there is still plenty of talent that will be available in that spot.

Sixth Pick: 18.2%

There is also a decent shot that Cleveland winds up taking the No. 6 pick. Should this be the case, they could land a big name that would have been gone if they had dropped just one more peg in the order. This could be a good spot to find your final frontcourt starter.

Having picked fifth in consecutive years, it would be right around where the team is used to.

First Pick: 11.5%

There is a one in nine chance that the team winds up winning the fifth lottery in the past 19 years. The Cavs picked first in 2011, 2013 and 2014, but have not had the same luck over the past few. This could happen, as they did win one year with a <4% chance.

Should this come to fruition, Cade Cunningham might actually be a Cavalier. The top big man in the draft coming through would be the most ideal thing for the team, no questions asked.

Second Pick: 11.4%

Pretty much the same odds exist for the team getting the second selection as the first. And if they landed here, they’d miss out on Cunningham but have plenty of other viable options. This is a draft where they need to find that final starter to complement their young core.

The team is in a good spot right now as far as talent, and ending up with pick No. 2 would be a great way to continue to improve upon the situation.

Third Pick: 11.2%

Landing in the third slot would be fine for the team. In 2012, they had the No. 4 selection, but had they been one ahead, Bradley Beal would have been a Cavalier instead of Dion Waiters. 

Try and imagine that actually coming to fruition? It would have changed a lot of things. Anyway, this is also a good spot for the team to select. Plenty of talent exists in the draft, so it would still be a good thing to stop here.

What's The Likely Outcome?

The most likely spot is obviously No. 7, but slotting into the top three would be awesome. Perhaps, if you can land something this high, a Kevin Love trade could be more likely to occur prior to the start of the season.

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