What Happens If the Cleveland Cavaliers Lose the Lottery?

What Happens If the Cleveland Cavaliers Lose the Lottery?

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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What Happens If the Cleveland Cavaliers Lose the Lottery?

There isn’t exactly pressure on the Cavs to perform well in the draft lottery. But, there is an expectation that they end up with a high pick, that the Basketball Gods play into their hands. There is always that chance that the low-opportunity low pick could wind up being what they have.

And if that does happen, if the 8th or 9th pick is what they get, there are a few courses of action they could take.

Put Together a Trade Package to Move Up

Should Cleveland wind up with a lower pick, they could make a trade to try and move up in the draft to pick higher. Obviously, they only have that one lottery pick and don’t have a ton of present assets. But, if they could use a young player, Kevin Love, or a future selection to possibly land a star now, that has to be done.

The biggest issue is that no young guys are really “good enough” to be dealt in any of these types of deals. Besides Love, who is so up and down, nobody else would draw any sort of interest from other teams. NO, Collin Sexton is not going to be dealt with.

So, there are options to be had there, but it would still be a bit difficult.

They Could Sit There and Pout

This is more of a joking headline than a real option.

But, Cavs fans will be very pouty if the team lands a low pick, not finishing high-up. The most likely scenario has the team at No. 7 but could well finish above it. The first time LeBron left, Cleveland got three No. 1 overall picks in a four-year span.

Since he left for the second time, they have picked No. 8 overall (Brooklyn pick) and No. 5 overall twice. And so, they are definitely due to having some good luck sooner or later. This is a team that needs a high pick to stay competitive and take the next step.

It would not be good for the front office, the team, or the fanbase if the worst-case scenario winds up coming to fruition.

Just Take the Best Player Available

Cleveland would wind up picking No. 9, and it’s a real possibility. But, even so, it is not a real reason to press panic. Yes, you would be way out of the Cade Cunningham sweepstakes. But, there is plenty of talent to be had, and great players are taken in different spots every year. Heck, guys like Kobe Bryant and Devin Booker were selected in the teens.

There is going to be some player taken by the Cavs this year that makes a difference in the future. Though the losses piled up a bit high for the team this past year, that will not be the case again. If an entire roster is hurt throughout the campaign, is there even a fair chance for them to win? Exactly.

Good days are ahead, and even if the team selects outside of the top seven, there are plenty of reasons to remain optimistic. Go Cavs!

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