Which NBA Teams Would Best Fit Bronny James?

Which NBA Teams Would Best Fit Bronny James?

Ryan Knuppel
1 year ago
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Bronny James passes the ball during game

Two decades ago, a kid from Akron named LeBron James took the basketball world by storm, and hasn’t let it go since. Now, his son Bronny is reaching the point where he could soon start an NBA career of his own. But which NBA teams would be a good fit for Bronny, and what would make a good situation for the son of the chosen one?

Things To Consider

The first thing to remember when it comes to the career of Bronny James is that LeBron has already stated his desire to play alongside his son. With that in mind, it is possible that we could see them as a package deal in the NBA. 

That means a team might need to be able to take on Bronny and pay LeBron a salary that could land him to play there as well.

As a result of that possibility, it is unlikely that any current championship contenders would be able to dramatically shift their roster around for an aging LeBron and a player in Bronny who is a marginal talent by NBA standards. 

Instead, the best fit for Bronny may be a bad team willing to take a chance on him in hopes of landing his father to play out the rest of his career there as well. These two teams in particular would be interesting for a multitude of reasons.

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Charlotte Hornets

From a basketball standpoint, the Hornets would obviously benefit from bringing the James family into the fold. LeBron would not need to play on the ball thanks to the distribution abilities of LaMelo Ball, while Bronny wouldn’t actively hurt what has become one of the worst rosters in the NBA. 

This would turn the Hornets into a respectable Eastern Conference team overnight, which would be a huge positive for the league as a whole.

On top of that, there is also the interesting dynamic of the James family potentially playing for a team owned by Michael Jordan. With James and Jordan typically sitting in the one and two spots in any basketball fan’s all-time greatest player rankings, that dynamic would be a lot of fun to watch. 

If Bronny and LeBron were to win a ring for Jordan’s Hornets, the hot takes that came from that title would be appointment television. 

Houston Rockets

Another bad team that could be willing to take a chance on Bronny would be the Houston Rockets. Things have been a disaster for Houston since the end of the James Harden era, and the potential to score LeBron by bringing in Bronny would certainly be enticing for a city looking to get back to relevance in the NBA. 

If LeBron was to join a young roster that he could teach and lure veterans to join, the Rockets could be an interesting team in a hurry.

Beyond the basketball aspects of that move, it would make a lot of sense for Bronny and LeBron for other reasons. 

The lack of state income tax in Texas would make Houston a very attractive landing spot for both of them in the final years of LeBron’s lucrative career. On top of that, Houston is a major city with plenty of excitement for those with the funds to access it.

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