Who Should the Cavs Draft with the No. 3 Pick?

Who Should the Cavs Draft with the No. 3 Pick?

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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Who Should the Cavs Draft with the No. 3 Pick?

The first pick resides in Detroit, where Cade Cunningham will land. The Cavs will pick two selections later and will have a number of options. It is not clear what the Rockets want to do or what their future at the point guard position is. If they choose to go with Jalen Suggs or Jalen Green, Evan Mobley would be available.

For a number of teams in the 2021 lottery, it is unclear exactly who they are targeting. After #1, a lot of complications will arise. And there will be a surprise selection or two. Who will select the next Cam Johnson?

But, here’s why we are here. To speculate on who the Cavaliers need to take at #3.

Evan Mobley

The Rockets are in control here and will be able to determine if Evan Mobley could land as a Cavalier. A big man that can protect the rim and shoot the three-ball? A coach’s dream in the modern game. You can kick it to him deep or just lob it to the rim.

Mobley is a very talented guy but would have to put a bit of weight on. He is looking like a slightly more developed and slightly bigger version of Aleksey Pokusevski, who plays for the Thunder. Tall, thin, rim-protector and knockdown shooter at times from the outside.

Should he land in the 216, it would mean an imminent Kevin Love trade and a possibility that Isaiah Hartenstein was not re-signed.

Jalen Green

One of the most hyped prospects entering the G-League bubble, it was a solid year with the Ignite for Jalen Green. He was exactly what folks expected him to be, and he also went against the grain with his choice. He bypassed the college route to attempt the new G-League idea.

He was not the only one, but he obviously came out smelling almost like a rose when it was over. He can play both guard spots, just like Collin Sexton. Some fans have speculated a Collin trade if the team drafted Green, but that would be both foolish and a move happening too fast.

Green would fit the scheme well, and his jersey would sell like wildfire in Cleveland.

Jalen Suggs

A lot of fans might disagree with this one. But Jalen Suggs has a lot of talent and is an elite two-way player. He can score from every inch of the court. He can defend at a high level. And he is a clutch shot-maker.

Suggs, like Green, is a bit undersized. He might replace Isaac Okoro in closing situations, but it would give the team a capable defender who can also be a threat to score outside of the paint at the wing position. On a Gonzaga team filled with prospects and highly talented guys, he still stood out as elite.

If Suggs landed in the 216, he might compete for a starting spot. He may be part of three-guard sets. And perhaps he isn’t a guy the team likes as much as they had expected.

But, make no mistake. Even if his fit is questionable, Suggs would be worth the pick. Though, whoever is left of Mobley/Green will MOST LIKELY wind up here.

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