Why the Cavs Should Draft Jalen Green

Why the Cavs Should Draft Jalen Green

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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Why the Cavs Should Draft Jalen Green

The NBA Draft is just two weeks away. July 29 is right around the corner, and things are starting to spice up. It is pretty obvious that the Cavaliers will have a tough decision on their hands. And it appears that Cade Cunningham going to the Pistons is pretty much a done deal. 

Candidate 1A for the Cavs is Evan Mobley, and 1B is a fellow named Jalen Green. Both are great players, but there is a real case for each guy. Let’s talk about Green and some of the reasons to take him.

Uncertain Future for Collin Sexton

It is kind of ridiculous that Collin Sexton is dealing with the media craze while still under his rookie deal. He is not a max player yet, though he will be at year’s end. For some reason, all of the writers around the NBA want him gone and would like to see him in a new market.

That being said, the team is reportedly actually listening to offers now. Watching him get dealt would be crazy. He is better than Green, so moving him to open the starting spot would be a blasphemous move. But the off-chance that the trigger is pulled, they will have their chance.

The “bring Sexton off the bench” crowd is, for some reason, happy about this possibility. It does not make a lot of sense, but it’s still out there. Should they want to try things very differently, Jalen Green could come in and make things happen.

Evan Mobley Could be Gone

There is a chance that the Rockets opt to draft Evan Mobley. If this is the case, they would have a mate to pair with Christian Wood. It would also mean that there is an outside shot of John Wall returning to the team. If Mobley is gone, Green is the only guy they should consider if they do not trade back. 2013 can serve as a lesson.

Mobley not being there also means the team may be reluctant to move Kevin Love. The USA Olympic team has gone 1-2 in exhibitions with him playing, so if he returns to play for CLE, then things may not be as smooth as they want. But, it could also be their best option to try.

All in all, Mobley is a better fit. But it might be a question of availability.

Small-Ball Possibilities

Isaac Okoro is not the tallest guy out there. He is usually defending bigger players, but he is able to hold his own. If the team should draft Green, he could get some minutes at power forward. There could be some closing scenarios where he is next to Jalen in the frontcourt, trying to make some magic.

Defensively, Green can hold his own. And with that specific skill, he would find ways to carve out big minutes. He might be able to do that without taking too much away from the talented individuals he would be possibly sharing the floor with.

GreenKoro could become the new pairing to go alongside SexLand in the starting unit. The possibilities would be very much endless.

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