Parlay All Day & Betting Guide: June 2, 2023

Parlay All Day & Betting Guide: June 2, 2023

Grant Puskar
1 year ago
1 min read
San Diego Padres Juan Soto strides during swing during game against Yankees

If it were't for the Guardians/Twins over hitting last night, we would have cashed a pretty big parlay. The last three parlays that I have put out, all of them have been down to the last leg, and the last leg has failed us every single time. 

Tonight, we are staying in the MLB with the huge 15 game slate. Let's hit a parlay and let's start the weekend off on a good note. 

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Parlay All Day:

Brewers moneyline

Marlins moneyline

Padres moneyline

Yankees moneyline

Odds: +739 ($500 bet pays $4,197)

I think the Brewers and Marlins are close to locks when it comes to grabbing a win tonight, with the Padres and Yankees being a bit more sweaty.

As you all know, there is truly no such thing as a lock in sports and in sports betting. Anything can happen at any point. 

Moneyline bets have and always will be my favorite, so let's see if we can hit a parlay with nothing but moneyline bets. Lines and odds are always subject to move, and let's have a Friday!

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