Cleveland Cavaliers Central Division Title Odds

Cleveland Cavaliers Central Division Title Odds

Cole Paganelli
2 years ago
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Cleveland Cavaliers' Caris LeVert celebrates win vs. Boston Celtics

The Cleveland Cavaliers are rolling and giving Cleveland fans hope that another championship banner is not too far away. 

Currently only trailing the Giannis-led Milwaukee Bucks, the Cavs massive win against the Boston Celtics last week certainly added some fire to this team. Even more impressive is that the Cavs are doing this without Darius Garland and being led by Donovan Mitchell, who is a new face to the locker room.

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 You wouldn’t be able to tell Mitchell is unique because he’s already adopted a role as a leader on this team and the locker room seems closer than ever. 

Pair that with some “Junkyard Dog” award-winning performances by Jarrett Allen, Evan Mobley, Caris LeVert, and the fan favorite Dean Wade; you have a team that genuinely enjoys battling for each other and proudly represents the city and state. 

Currently, the Cavs tote a 5-1 record. They are 3-0 at home with wins over the Washington Wizards, Orlando Magic, and New York Knicks. While it may feel like the Cavs are beating up on bad teams, the wins on the road against Boston and the central division counterpart Chicago Bulls have provided some extra significance to this season's opening stretch. As a bettor, the Cavs have proven trustworthy, as the team has found themselves 5-0 against the spread.

Cleveland Cavaliers Odds 

Currently, their playoff odds sit at 81 percent. The Cavs championship odds sit at (+3000), which still feels a bit disrespectful. The Bucks, Celtics, 76ers, Nets, and Miami Heat are all favored from the eastern conference ahead of Cleveland. 

The Cavs are still second to win the Central Division, with odds of (+340). While the Bucks are always a threat, the Cavs odds should improve significantly as the season progresses. 

The Bulls don't appear to be too special or on the level of the Cavs, while the Pacers and Pistons seem likely for another lottery season. 

As a bettor, I look at those odds and salivate. It seems this team has all the tools to win big games, and the questions about team fit and player personnel appear to have been answered. I'm sure plenty of people would say it’s too early to get aboard this Cavs team, but the odds of winning the division are very enticing.

 The Bucks team, while talented, isn't as deep, in my opinion. When February arrives, and the playoff-contending teams ease up off the gas, that's when I expect the Cavs to seize the moment. 

By then, the Cavs might not hold underdog status anymore, so there’s an incentive to place a bet now while the iron is still hot. The only thing that might slow this Cavs team down is injuries, so you’re just betting against the chance of a freak injury to one of the Cavalier's core players.

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