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NBA Draft Odds

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Oklahoma City Thunder walk back on defense during summer league game

NBA Drafts Odds: History

The bottom three teams in the NBA will always have the same odds because of the draft lottery. Oddly enough, it has been common for teams to tank in the NBA for a first draft pick, and it’s not a stretch to say that some teams could strive hard to finish last in order to land a first draft pick, particularly when there’s an exciting young talent coming up next season.

Futures Betting in the NBA

Futures betting is a great way to start betting on the season, and betting on draft odds falls under future bets. You have to pick teams that you think will finish in the bottom three or not make it to the playoffs. The bottom three have a better chance of getting the first pick because they’ll have more combinations to choose from when the draft lottery takes place.  

Picking the NBA teams that will end at the bottom is a pretty popular market for future betting, but it is difficult because of the luck involved. Here is an example of how the odds of getting the first draft picks for teams in the NBA would look:



San Antonio Spurs


Oklahoma City Thunder


Indiana Pacers


Orlando Magic


Utah Jazz


Houston Rockets


A $100 bet on San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, or Indiana Pacers to get the draft 1 pick would win you $600 at the end of the season. This suggests that this bookmaker thinks these three teams have equal chances of finishing at the bottom.

NBA Drafts Odds: How the Odds Change

Unlike most future bets, draft odds are not as susceptible to change. The teams who look least prepared to tackle the season aren’t likely to get a lot of points, and sometimes there’s a smaller incentive. However, it’s also important to see the organization’s aims and if there’ll be pressure from the fans and other stakeholders not to tank. 

NBA Drafts Odds Strategy

Same team, new odds

These odds might change as the season progresses if a team that was expected to tank starts brightly. Also, teams that were seen as decent but far from the worst might play worse than their ceiling to stand a better chance of winning the draft lottery. 

Embrace the unpredictability

One of the best aspects of draft odds is that tanking might backfire for a lot of teams. Teams might have second thoughts about tanking. They might not get the first pick, and all the strategizing could lead to nothing. 

Keep an eye on how certain teams approach games

The start of the season will give a good idea of how teams are approaching the season. Some teams might not be ready simply because they have a young squad. This might not mean that they’re looking to tank. Other teams might have serious injury issues, which see them at the bottom of the table. Pick teams that look like they’re tanking on purpose. 

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