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NBA Championship Odds

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Golden State Warriors celebrate winning NBA championship

How Does the NBA Championship Work?

The biggest prize in basketball is the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, awarded to the team that wins the NBA Finals. Teams from Eastern and Western Conferences battle it out for a place in the NBA playoffs, which typically occur between April and June of each year.

When the eventual winners of each Conference are declared, they compete in a best-of-seven series for the NBA Championship and the ultimate prize in the sport. But what options do you have for betting on the NBA Championship? 

NBA Championship Odds Explained

You can bet on the NBA Championship throughout the season by placing a futures bet on the team that you think will emerge victorious when there’s no more ball left to play. This can be advantageous, as picking a winner before a three-pointer is thrown can be a great way of backing a team when they represent good value for money.

For instance, when the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship in 2014-15, their pre-season odds were +2800, meaning that a $100 futures bet on the Warriors would have returned a cool $2,800 profit! 

You don’t have to place a futures bet at the start of the season, and you can wait until some action has unfolded before backing a team for the NBA Championship. This is often a good strategy, as you can see how a team starts the season before placing a bet. Just be mindful that if a team starts well, their odds will shorten. Lots of fans wait until the playoffs are settled before picking a Championship winner, which can also pay dividends. 

After all, a lot can happen in the 82 regular-season games that each NBA franchise plays from October to April, so it can make sense to wait until the playoff berths are filled before backing a franchise to win the trophy. No matter the time of the season you place a bet on the NBA Championship winner, the odds will be presented in the following format: 

Golden State Warriors +550 

Milwaukee Bucks +700 

Boston Celtics +800

LA Lakers +1000 

Utah Jazz +1100 

In the American format, the above odds show how much profit you stand to win from a $100 bet. Of course, when the NBA Finals get underway, you can place a whole host of other bets, including totals, lines, spreads, and props, enabling you to find value in different NBA Championship markets. 

Recap: NBA Championship Odds

There’s no doubting the fact that betting on the winner of the NBA Championship is a great way to show support for your favorite franchise this season. Whether you bet at the start of the season or wait until the playoff berths are confirmed, you know how to place an NBA Championship bet and read the respective odds.

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