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NBA Draft Lottery Odds

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NBA Draft Lottery Explained

Simply, the NBA Draft Lottery is a weighted system employed by the league to determine the order that the non-playoff teams will select in the pre-season draft. Fourteen teams are represented in the lottery, and there are 1,000 four-number combinations. Every year, the teams with the worst records from the previous season have the best odds of winning the lottery and securing the first draft pick. With so many permutations, the NBA Draft Lottery intrigues basketball fans worldwide and is an event in itself! But what are your NBA Draft Lottery betting options? 

NBA Draft Lottery Betting Options

There are several different bets that you can place on the NBA Draft Lottery, including: 

First pick

There are several ways to bet on the first pick resulting from the NBA Lottery, but one of the most common is which team will actually get the chance to pick first. Of course, you can also bet on the athlete to be drafted first, or both if you’re feeling good about a pick! Helpfully, NBA Draft odds can be translated to probability, helping you predict which team will land the first pick. For 2023, it will look like this: 

Team 1 - 14% 

Team 2 - 14% 

Team 3 - 14% 

Team 4 - 12.5% 

Team 5 - 10.5% 

Team 6 - 9% 

Team 7 - 7.5% 

Team 8 - 4.5% 

Team 9 - 4.5% 

Team 10 - 4.5% 

Team 11 - 1.8% 

Team 12 - 1.7% 

Team 13 - 1% 

Team 14 - 0.5% 

This guide is based on the number of balls allocated to each team in the lottery, and you can use it when deciding which team to bet on. 

First four in order

As a parlay bet, the first four in order is a tough bet to land. After all, it necessitates picking the first four athletes to be drafted or the first four teams to pick. Still, it’s a decent bet to place as it offers decent odds and represents a good way of making a big profit before the season gets underway. 

NBA Draft Lottery Odds

Naturally, the odds of the NBA Draft Lottery correlate to the probability described above. As such, the three teams with the worst three records from the previous season will have the shortest odds when it comes to first-pick bets. As such, you might want to consider teams a little further down the pecking order when it comes to placing an NBA Draft Lottery bet this season.


Betting on the NBA Draft Lottery is an exciting way to bet on basketball before a ball is bounced. You just need to understand how the Draft Lottery works before placing a wager, which is where this short guide can come in handy.

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