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NBA Playoffs Odds

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Miami Heat' Kyle Lowry drives to the basket with Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum behind him

NBA Playoffs Odds: History

Recent history suggests that the Western Conference is the stronger conference but remember that is not a rule set in stone. Both conferences have at least ten really strong teams with some real star power. Injuries will have a big say on how a team’s season goe

A team’s recent history also does not indicate how they’ll do the following season. The Warriors nailed it with their latest win but had finished last and ninth in the preceding years.

Futures Betting in the NBA

Futures betting is ideal for warming up before the season really starts. They are fantastic markets to bet on because of their long-term nature, and you will receive great satisfaction when these bets work out. 

Picking the NBA teams that will make the playoffs is one of the most popular markets for future betting and easier markets. Here is an example of NBA playoff odds for teams in the Eastern Conference: 



Golden State Warriors


Los Angeles Clippers


Phoenix Suns


Memphis Grizzlies


Denver Nuggets


Dallas Mavericks


Minnesota Timberwolves


Los Angeles Lakers


New Orleans Pelicans


Portland Trail Blazers


Sacramento Kings


Oklahoma City Thunder


Utah Jazz


Houston Rockets


San Antonio Spurs


A $100 bet on San Antonio Spurs or Houston Rockets to make it to the playoffs, who are the least on this table, would win you $2000 at the end of the season. On the other hand, if you backed the heavy favorites, the Golden State Warriors, you’d have to bet $2500 to win $100. 

NBA Playoffs Odds: How the Odds Change

A lot of future bets like MVP are placed early because the odds are better, but it’s a good idea to wait for a little if you haven’t done your research with playoffs odds.

An injury to a star player can have a massive effect on a team, so it’s important to keep an eye on something like that when betting on playoff odds. 

NBA Playoffs Odds Strategy

Timing is important

Future bets are quite volatile because of their long-term nature. The odds will constantly change as the season progresses, and the first couple of games can give you a good idea of what’s to come. Don’t wait too long to place your bet. 

Volatility is your friend

All future bets are volatile, and you have to embrace this. Teams with a lot of star players might not necessarily gel because of some clashes, for instance, and that counts as a data point for you

Do your research

Most of your research here should ideally be around team composition. If a team that didn’t do well previously has stacked up the roster in the new season, examine how those players could affect the outcomes later on.

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