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NBA Rookie of the Year Odds

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Paolo Banchero attempts shot against Atlanta Hawks

Betting on basketball gives fans various options, from straight-up moneyline bets to in-game proposition bets. There are also several futures bets to choose from when building your NBA betting slip, and choosing the NBA rookie of the year is one such market.

What is the Rookie of the Year Award in the NBA?

The NBA rookie of the year award has been presented at the end of the basketball season since 1952-53. The award is also known as the Eddie Gottlieb Trophy, named after the former Philadelphia Warriors head coach.

The rookie of the year is chosen by a select committee of US and Canadian sportswriters and broadcasters, and the player with the highest number of points is the prize winner.

NBA legends such as Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James have all won the award, and it’s often a sign of things to come, as many of the winners go on to excel in the league and add the NBA’s MVP prize to their trophy cabinets.

Who Qualifies for the Award?

In the NBA, a rookie is any player who has, until the current season, never signed a pro contract with a team in the NBA. Although most rookies are youngsters making a name for themselves fresh out of college, it’s not always the case.

For instance, Pablo Prigioni was 35 and 169 days old when he won the NBA rookie of the year after the 2012/13 NBA season, highlighting that age is just a number.

NBA Rookie of the Year odds

Placing a bet on the NBA rookie of the year award is a basketball futures bet that has long been popular with fans of the NBA. The odds for the award are presented in the American format in US sportsbooks, which is a whole number accompanied by a plus or minus. As an example, here’s what the NBA rookie of the year odds might look like: 

Paolo Banchero +120 

Bennedict Mathurin +380 

Keegan Murray +600 

Jaden Ivey +600 

Jabari Smith Jr. +1200

While it’s difficult to second-guess how the voting will go, the rookie of the year market is super exciting and is a great way to back NBA newbies as they seek to cement their name into basketball history. 


There are so many markets and bet types when placing wagers on the NBA throughout the season. As a futures market, the NBA rookie of the year award is a great bet to place at the start of (or, indeed, during) the season as you look at how your team’s newbies perform out on the court.

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