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How to Bet on Miami Redhawks

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Miami Redhawks running back Keyon Mozee is tackled by Northwestern defender

Is Betting on the Miami RedHawks Legal in Ohio?

On December 22, 2021, the legalization of retail and online sports betting in Ohio was confirmed after Governor Mike DeWine signed the HB29 bill into law. The date set is January 01, 2023, but registrations for sports betting have already commenced, with several individuals signing up.

How to Bet on Miami RedHawks - Types of Bets

These are the typical types of bets that can be placed on the RedHawks.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are placed on whom you think will win a game. Let us use a game between Miami RedHawks and the Cincinnati Bearcats as an example:


Moneyline Odds

Miami RedHawks


Cincinnati Bearcats


In this example, the RedHawks enter the fixture as favorites - hence, their odds are negative. If an amount of $230 is staked for their win, you will win $100 if they go on to win. 

On the other hand, the Bearcats are underdogs and have positive odds. This means that a bet of $100 could win you $170 if the Bearcats were to win.


Spreads are bets on the margin of victory or loss. Let’s say that the spread for the RedHawks is at -6.5 against the Bearcats (whose spread will be +6.5). If you take this spread, your bet will win if the RedHawks defeat the Bearcats by a margin of 6.5 or higher. Conversely, if the bet is riding on the Bearcats, you will win if they either win the game or lose by fewer than 6.5 points.

Total Bets (Over/Under Bets)

Totals are bets on whether the aggregate score at the end of a game will be above or below a predetermined number.

Let's assume 46.5 is the number for the RedHawks-Bearcats game. If the final score is 18-16, that brings the total to 34, giving the under-bettor a win. If the final score is 30-22, that brings the total to 52 - which gives the over-bettor a win.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are bets on specific outcomes that may or may not have a bearing on the final result of a game. Based on research and luck, bettors place their bets on factors like guessing the player who will score the longest touchdown or a player with the most tackles.


A parlay is a collection of multiple wagers under one bet. You can place a Total Bet, Prop Bet, and a Moneyline Bet on the same or different games and package them into a single bet that offers better odds than if the bets were placed individually. 

The caveat is that all wagers in your parlay must win for you to cash out.

Futures and Outright Bets

Futures and outright bets are probably the first bets of the season - they are long-term bets on who the winner will be at the end of the season, which teams will make the playoffs, and individual honors such as the MVP.

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