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How to Bet on the WNBA

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Chicago Sky forward Candace Parker reacts after receiving technical foul during game

How to Bet on the WNBA – American Odds

When you’re betting in the US, all WNBA odds will likely be displayed in the American format. This format consists of the odds being shown as whole numbers with either a positive or negative symbol before the numbers.

In general, favored teams have a negative number, while the underdogs have longer odds, depicted with a positive number.

A quick look at the given odds of a match-up will tell you who the sportsbook expects to win.

How to Bet on the WNBA – Types of Bets

This section will show you the different types of bets you can place on the WNBA.

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are also known as straight-up bets and are the perfect type of bets to start with if you are a beginner looking to place a few bets on the WNBA. In this bet, all you have to do is pick the winner.

As an example, let’s look at the following game between Atlanta Dream and Chicago Sky.


Moneyline Odds

Atlanta Dream


Chicago Sky


Here, positive odds (+282) have been assigned to the Atlanta Dream. This signifies that they are the underdogs. Chicago Sky have negative odds (-338), making them the favorites in this encounter.

In this scenario, if you bet $100 on Atlanta Dream, you will win $282 if the Dream win. Your total payout will be $382. On the other hand, you’ll have to bet $338 on Chicago Sky to win $100 since they’re the favorites. 

Point spreads

Spread bets are placed on both teams’ margin of victory or loss. This evens the playing field by giving a hypothetical deficit to the favorites to win a game - the favorites will have to win by more than this deficit for your bet on them to win.

If they do it, they are said to have covered the spread. Let’s continue with an example with the teams mentioned above:



Atlanta Dream

+7.5 (-110)

Chicago Sky

-7.5 (-110)

In this scenario, Chicago Sky will begin the game with a deficit of -7.5 on paper. Another way of looking at it is that the Atlanta Dream will begin with a theoretical lead of 7.5-0.

Chicago Sky will have to cover the spread, i.e., win the game by a margin of more than 7.5 points for you to win the bet. For Atlanta Dream to win you a bet, they need to either win the game or lose by a margin of 7.5 points or fewer. 

Total score bets or over/under bets

A predetermined number is displayed in total score or over/under bets. Bettors have to decide whether the aggregate points of a particular match will be higher (over) or lower (under) than the predetermined number. In this type of bet, it doesn’t matter who the winner of the game is.

Let’s assume the O/U of our sample game is 158. If one team beats the other team 73-65, the aggregate points tally is 138, which is lower than the O/U. Hence, Total Score Bets on the Under win. If one team beats the other team 90-75, the aggregate points tally is 165, which is higher than the O/U. Hence, total score bets on the over win.

Prop bets

Seasoned bettors usually place Prop bets as they revolve around individual performances and granular phases of a match. These bets rarely affect the final outcome of the game. In this bet, bettors can place wagers on the number of points scored by a particular player or on other markets, like the number of points that will be scored in the first half.

WNBA parlays

A parlay combines multiple bets into one wager with significantly better odds than when the bets are placed individually. Winning the parlay is a task because, in a parlay, all the individual bets have to win in order to make the parlay win. So, you can combine totals, spreads, and props from multiple games in the week into one bet, but they must all win for you to win the bet.

WNBA futures

Futures and outright bets are long-term bets. The market for these bets opens before the start of the new season. In futures, bettors can predict and place their bets on teams that will qualify for the playoff phase and on players and coaches who will receive individual honors at the end of the season. In the outright markets, you’re betting on who you think is going to win the WNBA.

WNBA Betting Tips

Learning about the technical aspects of betting on the WNBA is just the beginning of your journey learning to bet on WNBA. We have a few more betting tips for you that should be kept in mind while you devise a wagering strategy for the WNBA.

Always keep an eye on the schedule, as the season is lengthy. Fatigue and injuries will play an integral role in deciding the final outcome of many games. Never lose track of the team’s recent form and their past fixtures. Also, keep track of individual performances for prop bets on players.

Familiarize yourself with the key stats of teams and players. Cross-check the authenticity of the stats and only use trustworthy sources for them. Patterns can be understood using these stats, boosting your ability to place a bet.

Understand the market by keeping an eye on the odds of games a week before they start. These odds tend to fluctuate as matchday inches closer. Public participation and emotions coupled with last-minute injury updates can cause noteworthy changes in these odds. Keep track and capitalize on the opportunities that come your way.

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