Cleveland Browns Odds and Betting Guide

Cleveland Browns Odds & Betting

Cleveland Browns Odds and Betting

The Browns have some of the most passionate support in the NFL and are constantly backed by a raucous home crowd. And with sports betting now legal in Ohio, Browns fans have the perfect opportunity to back their team differently. 

To help you prepare your bet slip this season, we run through our Cleveland Browns odds and betting guide and break down the different bets and markets available to you. So, without further ado, let's find out how you can back the Browns this season.

Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt jumps over Steelers defender during game

How to Bet on the Cleveland Browns

Following Baker Mayfield's departure, Browns fans are keen to see what the future has in store at the Dawg Pound. One sure way to spice up the new season is to place some bets on the Browns, and there are so many interesting markets for you to choose from. 

With sports betting becoming more and more popular in Ohio and further afield, we've taken this opportunity to explain everything you need to know about betting on the Cleveland Browns. 

Below, we introduce you to the following Browns bets and what they all mean: 

The moneyline 

Spread betting

Totals (over/under) betting 

Prop betting 

Parlay betting 

Live betting 

Futures betting

Whether you want to bet on the outcome of an upcoming fixture or have a good idea about how many rushing yards Nick Chubb will achieve throughout the season, you can put your money where your mouth is. 

Betting on the Browns is a great way to keep things interesting this season, so read on to discover our guide to Cleveland Browns odds and betting.

How do NFL Odds Work?

In US sportsbooks, NFL odds are presented in the American format. You will see a three-digit number alongside a plus or minus sign. 

The plus indicates the underdog, while the minus represents the favorite. The three-digit number is the odds given by the sportsbook and refers to how much you can potentially win when you place a $100 bet. More on this shortly. 

Although the odds are given in multiples of one hundred, you can bet however much you like on the outcome, be it $5, $10, or $500, for instance. 

We run through the most popular Cleveland Browns bets below to see how NFL odds work in practice. 

The Most Popular Cleveland Browns Odds and Betting Types

The moneyline 

As you prepare to bet on the Browns for the first time, the moneyline bet is the simplest way to get started. All you have to do is choose which team you think will triumph in the match. 

Here's an example: 

Cleveland Browns (+180) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (-150) 

Here, the Bengals are favorites to beat the Browns. We know this because the favorites in an NFL moneyline are always represented with (-), while the underdogs have a (+). 

In this example, if you fancy the Browns, $100 will return $180 profit. Conversely, if you agree with the sportsbook and think the Bengals will win, you would need to bet $150 to return $100 worth of profit. 

Moneyline bets are super simple to understand, as you don't need to worry about anything other than the winning team. So, if you fancy the Browns to go well in an upcoming NFL fixture, a moneyline bet is a smart place to put your money.

Spread betting

Spread betting - also known as the points spread - is a form of handicap betting that levels the playing field somewhat. Betting the spread is a great way to get better odds on the Browns when they're clear favorites or clear underdogs. Let's look at another example: 

Cleveland Browns (-7.5) (-110) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (+7.5) (-110)

Here, the Browns are clear favorites over the Eagles, as the bookmaker is essentially taking 7.5 points away from them without a ball being kicked. So, to win a bet on the Browns, they would need to win by 7.5 points or more. 

When the point spread bets are given as whole numbers and half points are excluded, it could result in a push bet, which means your money is returned. 

Also, sometimes the spread might be tighter (+/-3) or broader (+/-10), so bear the margin in mind when preparing your spread bet for the upcoming game week. 

Totals (over/under) betting

If you’re keen on Cleveland Browns odds and betting but aren't sure about who will win an upcoming match, totals bets are a great option. This simple wager allows you to predict how many points will be scored by both teams in the match. 

For instance, it might look something like this for an upcoming match between the Browns and the Eagles: 

Over 47.5 (-110) 

Under 47.5 (-110) 

In its simplest form, you can bet on whether you think there will be over or under 47.5 points scored in the match. The sportsbook is responsible for setting the totals line, and it's up to you whether you go above or below. 

The key thing to remember is that either team can score the points in a totals bet, and it doesn't matter who wins. 

That being said, you can make a totals bet more interesting. For example, you can choose markets that allow you to bet on the over/under for specific quarters or halves. You can also wager on which team will fall above or below the totals line. 

Ultimately, a totals bet is a great way to put money on the Browns if you're not sure about who will win an upcoming match. 

Prop betting

Prob betting is where wagering on the Browns gets interesting. If you consider yourself a super fan, you can wager on specific, individual outcomes throughout the game. 

For instance, in a Browns v Giants regular season match-up, some of the prop bets you could place include: 

How many TDs for Deshaun Watson? Over/under 2.5? 

The total number of rushing yards for Nick Chubb? Over/under 86.5? 

Which team will score the first TD? Browns or Giants? 

Prop bets are split into team and player props, and you can build as many as you like into your betting slip during a match. 

To place a prop bet, you should check the recent form and injury guide, as so many factors can influence the team and individual performances on match day! 

Overall, prop bets are a fun way to keep your Browns bets interesting and allow you to place some bets that aren't tied to the outcome of the match. 

Parlay betting

Even though you're a Browns fan through and through, it's also fun to include other teams in your betting slip. A parlay bet is a perfect way to do this. 

When betting on the NFL, three-team parlays are popular with fans. This allows you to pick three teams from the current game week that you think will come out on top. 

For instance, a three-team NFL parlay could look like this: 

Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, & Green Bay Packers @ +320Here, a $100 bet on this three-team parlay would return $320. Some sportsbooks offer fixed-odds parlays, while others depend on your selection. 

With a parlay, all your selections need to win for your bet to succeed. So, if the Browns and Buccs win but the Packers lose, you will lose your bet. 

You can get better odds on a parlay bet when you pick the underdogs, but remember that they're underdogs for a reason, and choosing three underdogs to win in a game week is pretty unlikely to occur!

Live betting

Live betting on the NFL is a great way to make the Sunday Red Zone more interesting. Once the first ball has been kicked, you can start betting on in-play, live markets. There are so many live bets you can place on the Browns, including: 

Halves: How will the Browns score during each half? Which player will run the most yards? How many TDs will Watson score? 

Quarters: Will the Browns score more rushing yards per quarter than their opponents? 

Drives: You can even bet on the outcome of each drill in real-time, be it a TD, field goal, turnover, or punt. 

Keep an eye out for Browns prop bets during your live betting, too. 

Futures betting

1964 was the last Super Bowl triumph for the Browns, so success has long been coming. If you think this will be the year the Browns win the ultimate NFL prize, you can place a futures bet and have them as your Super Bowl winner. 

Other, slightly less ambitious futures bets on the Browns, include: 

Division or conference champions 

Total number of regular-season wins 

Will the Browns make the playoffs? 

Will a Browns player be the NFL MVP? 

Futures bets stay alive for the entire season and are a great way to keep things interesting throughout the year. 

You typically get better futures odds at the start of the season before a ball has been kicked, so it's worth getting your selections in during the off-season. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I bet on the Browns?

Betting on the Cleveland Browns is a great way to back your team while hopefully making some money throughout the season. As well as cheering on the Browns as normal, you can bet on certain outcomes throughout the season to keep things interesting. 

What's the best bet to place for Cleveland Browns odds and betting?

If you're new to sports betting, it's a good idea to place some moneyline bets on the Browns while you get used to how everything works. With moneyline bets, the only thing that matters is the winner of the game. 

As you become more experienced and familiar with the different betting types, you can place some totals and prop bets to broaden your horizons.

Cleveland Browns betting strategy?

The best way to bet on the Cleveland Browns throughout the season is to do your research and be sensible with your bankroll. Keep up to date with the latest form and injury information and bet with your head, not your heart. 

Is betting on the Browns profitable?

Betting on the Cleveland Browns can be profitable, but it depends on your bets. As is the case with any type of sports betting, you can win or lose your bet, and there are no guarantees. 

As such, it's important to do your research and fully understand the bets that you place. If you rely on guesswork or third-party tips, you're much less likely to turn a profit at the end of the year than if you do your homework and place logical, sensible bets on the Browns.

Who's the Cleveland Browns' new QB?

Following Baker Mayfield's departure, the Browns traded Deshaun Watson. He represented the Houston Texans between 2017 and 2022 before joining the Browns in 2022.