The NFL's Top Paid QB's in 2023/24: How did their team do?

The NFL's Top Paid QB's in 2023/24: How did their team do?

Grant Puskar
4 months ago
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Cincinnati Bengals' Joe Burow looks on during game against Jaguars

When the Cleveland Browns decided to trade multiple first round picks and give Deshaun Watson $230 million in guaranteed money, he was the only one in every sports talk show across America being debated about when it comes to that contract actually being worth while. 

Today, we look at things and they are the same; except they aren't. What didn't change? Deshaun Watson being the only QB talked about. What did change? He's now the NFL's 9th-highest paid QB annually. Let's talk about the 8 quarterbacks in front of him and how their team did this year. 

#1: Joe Burrow - $55 million per year

Before we start here - there is no denying that Joe Burrow is a top-level talent at the quarterback position in the NFL. That said, there are still some things worth talking about with him. 

Whether or not it's the Bengals fault or his - Joe Burrow has a history of injuries in his NFL career. From the torn ACL and MCL in 2020 to the calf injury this year as well as the torn ligament in his wrist, it is a real concern going forward for him. 

Burrow finished this season with a 5-5 record and his team finished in last place in the AFC North while missing the playoffs all together. We'll keep an eye on him this offseason and see how he looks heading into 2024/25. 

#2: Patrick Mahomes - $52 million per year

Patrick Mahomes is...well... Patrick Mahomes. While it is worth noting he had a down year this year compared to previous years of his career with 14 interceptions and an offense that looked lost at times, he's still winning games when it matters most, so what can we really say? 

#3: Justin Herbert - $52 million per year

Maybe it was Brandon Staley? The Justin Herbert-led Chargers went 5-8 this season before Herbert went down with a fracture in his finger, and the Chargers didn't even sniff the playoffs. 

Can Jim Harbaugh save Herbert and the Chargers? One can hope. Herbert remains 0-1 in the playoffs in his career after blowing a 20+ point lead to the Jaguars just a few years ago. 

#4: Lamar Jackson - $52 million per year

MVP! MVP! MVP! If you've followed me for some time now, you know I have always enjoyed watching Lamar Jackson play football. 

This year, he put the 'running back' narrative to sleep on his way to the AFC's number one seed while being the heavy betting favorite to win MVP. He, like Mahomes, is worth every penny. 

#5: Jalen Hurts - $51 million per year

Philadelphia - we have a problem. If the NFL decides to take away the 'Tush Push', Jalen Hurts might be in big trouble. 

The Eagles this season went from the NFL's top team and story to a historic one-and-done collapse, losing to Baker Mayfield and comany in the first round of the playoffs. So, is it Nick Sirianni.... or is it Jalen Hurts? 

#6: Aaron Rodgers - $50 million per year

As we all know, Aaron Rodgers' season lasted a whopping two minutes this year in New York. The Jets went on to finish 7-10 and miss the playoffs.

While it is hard to judge this deal and decide one way or the other on it yet, he is 40 years old. Can he stay healthy for a full season next year? Do we really believe that he is going to return and all of the Jets problems will just magically go away? 

#7: Russell Wilson - $49 million per year

Whenever someone uses the Russell Wilson contract in a conversation about the Deshaun Watson contract, that usually means they just don't know ball. 

Wilson went 11-19 overall with the Broncos in what seems to be the end of the road when it comes to his time there. The Broncos benched Wilson this season for the final two games, all but completing his time in Denver as they too would miss the playoffs. Broncos nation, let's cry. 

#8: Kyler Murray - $46 million per year

I do think Kyler Murray is a solid quarterback in the NFL. However, he recently suffered and is coming back from a big-time injury: another ACL tear for a quarterback. 

Murray went 3-5 this season after returning, and has a lifetime NFL record of 28-36-1. Are we sure Murray is the answer in Arizona? 

At the end of the day, it just doesn't make sense to continue to banter about the Deshaun Watson contract and ignore all of these other quarterbacks at the same time. Sure, Watson still has to prove he can stay healthy for a full season. If he can't, the Browns are in trouble. 

That said, he went 5-1 as a starter this season (4-1 excluding Colts game), is 8-4 overall as the Browns starting quarterback, and looked like he had turned the corner after his miracle second half comeback against the Ravens. It will be a very telling 2024/25 season for the Browns and Watson, and all we can do is sit back and wait for it to arrive. 

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