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Columbus Blue Jackets Stanley Cup Odds

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Columbus Blue Jackets right wing Yegor Chinakhov controls puck against Boston Bruins

Named after Ohio’s contributions to the American Civil War, the Columbus Blue Jackets are Ohio’s premier NHL team. We break down their history, track record in the Stanley Cup, and the Columbus Blue Jackets Stanley Cup odds and strategy for the upcoming NHL season. 

The Columbus Blue Jackets Stanley Cup Odds: History

The Columbus Blue Jackets don’t have one of the more storied journeys in the NHL. Ever since the team was founded in 1997, the Columbus Blue Jackets have generally been in the battle for the mid-table in the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference. 

The team didn’t have a great start to NHL life, losing their first ever game and going on to win less than 30 games a season for their first five seasons. It was only amid a major rebuild that the team seemed to find some form in 2005-06, with many hoping this would be the beginning of better tidings. 

This wasn’t to be. Despite several managers and marquee signings, the Jackets have always been straitjacketed by their own inability to break through the ranks - and haven’t ever won the Stanley Cup.

The team has only reached six Stanley Cup playoffs and have won only two games in that stage. The team most recently made the playoffs in 2020, only to crash out of the first round to Tampa Bay Lightning. 

The closest that the Jackets have ever come to influencing the outcome of the Stanley Cup was in 2019 when they lost their Conference semi-final. 

The Columbus Blue Jackets Stanley Cup Odds for the upcoming season will not have them up there as favorites. Recent years have seen them rated with some of the longest odds in outright markets to win the Stanley Cup, with odds sometimes exceeding +10,000.

While there’s little information to suggest that sportsbooks will significantly improve their odds any time soon, the fact that the Jackets remain such a lucrative outlier bet inherently makes them worth considering for an outright bet.

While we wouldn’t recommend betting away your bankroll on them based on pre-season odds, there’s merit in exploring your options by betting a small amount on the Jackets on the off chance that they do go all the way in the upcoming season. With the surprise signing of superstar Johnny Gaudreau via NHL Free Agency, now is a better time than ever to consider taking a punt.

Futures & Outright Betting in the NHL

There are two kinds of long-term bets - futures and outright bets - and both markets open before pre-season. Futures are always bets on individual awards, Conference champions, and other such statistics that are tallied at the end of the season. On the other hand, outright bets are always on who will ultimately take the championship home - in this case, the Columbus Blue Stanley Cup odds

If you’re planning to bet on the Jackets winning the Stanley Cup, you’ll be betting on the outright market. Odds for this market are typically presented in American odds - whole numbers prefixed with a minus or plus to denote the favorites and the underdogs. 

Here are some example odds for teams winning the Stanley Cup.



Ottawa Senators 


Philadelphia Flyers


New Jersey Devils


Buffalo Sabers


Columbus Blue Jackets 


Anaheim Ducks


Based on these Columbus Blue Jackets Stanley Cup Odds odds, a $100 bet on them would yield $6500 at the end of the season if they take the cup home.

Similarly, a bet of $100 on the Ducks with these odds will see you win a whopping $7500 if they dig in and pull off an incredible season. 

While these odds hardly suggest that any of these teams are favorites to win the Stanley Cup, they’re still worth considering. Both the outright and futures market odds evolve over the course of the season, allowing you to implement a robust betting strategy.

The Columbus Blue Jackets Stanley Cup Odds: How Outright Odds Chang

When you’re betting in the futures and outright markets, the long-term nature of things makes the exercise significantly different from a moneyline bet.

The outright betting market opens shortly after the Stanley Cup finals - sometimes even only a few hours later. The odds at this time are at their most extreme because they’re based on emotions and previous performances. From that moment onwards, the odds start to change based on more relevant news, stats, and form.

The NHL is the most rigorous hockey league and is just about as unpredictable as any physical sport at the highest level. The odds are almost certain to change over the course of the season as injuries, runs of form, and new signings come into play. 

Columbus Blue Jackets Stanley Cup Odds Strategy

Look For Top Value

Value is at the core of every decision a seasoned bettor makes. You must develop an eye for odds that you perceive to be greater than the outcomes you’re betting on. Shopping for the right odds is a skill best acquired with practice, but the long-term nature of outright bets can be used to your advantage. 

You could bet on the pre-season odds or choose to make smaller but likely more profitable wagers once the season starts and the odds change based on actual world events. The right answer usually isn’t one or the other but a mix of the two. 

Outright Odds Are Volatile

The NHL always has a surprise up its sleeve, and these surprises will most definitely impact your odds. Instead of fearing volatility, embrace it. 

Keeping your eye on the charts will give you unique opportunities you must seize to hedge your previous bets. Watching games can help you predict volatile moments in the league and preempt opportunities to extract value.

History Plays a Part

History isn’t always doomed to repeat itself, especially in sports, where literally anything can and will happen. But there is some benefit in watching out for patterns in teams that have a reputation for consistency so that you can plan ahead on how to extract value if those events materialize.

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