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How to Bet on Dayton Flyers

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Dayton Flyers forward Toumani Camara shoots a basket during game against Lindenwood

Can You Bet on the Dayton Flyers?

Yes, you absolutely can bet on the Dayton Flyers! Intercollegiate betting is becoming increasingly popular in the US, as sports bettors look for more value in the market and different ways to back their former schools. Read on to learn about your Dayton Flyers betting options and how to read collegiate sports betting odds. 

Dayton Flyers Betting Options

As NCAA D1 representatives, backing the Dayton Flyers is straightforward. The Flyers currently have teams competing in seven men’s and ten women’s sports, with baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and cross country all represented.

As a result, you have a huge spectrum of betting opportunities when backing the Dayton Flyers, whether you opt for a straight-up moneyline bet or cover the spread, for instance. 

You can also place collegiate parlays, teasers, and futures bets, enabling you to back a range of possible outcomes when supporting the Flyers. 

Dayton Flyers odds

As with all sports betting odds, the available odds on the Flyers will change from week to week. 

Typically, intercollegiate D1 fixtures are tight affairs, as they’re competed by the leading schools in the country. In the American odds format, the favorite is always given negative odds, while the underdog is provided with positive odds. So, for example:

Dayton Flyers (-140) vs. Youngstown State Penguins (+170)

In this moneyline collegiate football bet, the Flyers are the favorites to beat the Penguins, as we can see by their negative odds.

 You would need to place a bet of $140 to win $100, while a $100 bet on the Penguins would return a profit of $170. You can find better value in odds by building multi-team parlays or by opting for spread betting, which are both attractive propositions for all sports bettors. 

How to Bet on the Dayton Flyers

Now you know the basics, you can plan to back the Dayton Flyers throughout the season. Begin by selecting the sport and fixtures that you wish to bet on and do some research into the Flyers’ recent form and performances. 

You can then look at the different odds available, as well as the bet types that you can place, before making your selections. 

For more information on how to back the Dayton Flyers this season and to learn more about backing your favorite Ohio college team, check out our category page to discover more tips and tricks that will help you make a profit from the Dayton Flyers. 

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