Aaron Craft Returns to The Basketball Tournament & We Are Here For It

Aaron Craft Returns to The Basketball Tournament & We Are Here For It

Nick Pedone
3 years ago
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Aaron Craft Returns to The Basketball Tournament & We Are Here For It

After declaring his professional retirement last season to pursue the field of medicine, Aaron Craft has pulled a Brett Farve and is taking one last run at winning another TBT title.

If you know anything about me, you know that this means the absolute world to me. Aaron Craft is the reason I love basketball. He made me believe that a not so athletic, undersized point guard, with limited offensive game, could play college basketball.

I mean I didn’t even play high school basketball, but the point still stands.

Getting past my obsessive love for Aaron Craft, this is actually a huge signing for Carmen’s Crew in this upcoming TBT Tournament. The Buckeyes were already going into the tournament as one of the favorites, but they really lacked a play-making point guard.

Aaron Craft's Impact

Not only did they add Craft, but they also added Kaleb Wesson, Shannon Scott, Keyshawn Woods, and Julian Mavunga.

The pairing of Scott and Craft will be an absolute nightmare for opposing point guards. These two will hound you full court, rushing your game, and tiring you out before the second half even begins.

Also, Kaleb Wesson is a huge addition down low. Carmen’s Crew didn’t have much of a paint presence last year, so now that they have someone who can battle in the key, shooters like William Bufford, David Lighty, and Jon Diebler will have a field day from beyond the arc.

Before I end this off, I need to leave you with one thing.

Aaron Craft not playing in the NBA is one of the biggest atrocities I’ve ever seen committed in the game of basketball. Maybe he was undersized. Maybe he couldn’t shoot the three. Maybe he couldn’t even really shoot free throws.

But where he lacked in skill, he more than made up with it in heart. And no player in TBT will have more heart than Aaron Craft.

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