Best Cincinnati Bengals vs. Minnesota Vikings Prop Bets

Best Cincinnati Bengals vs. Minnesota Vikings Prop Bets

Barry Devoe
3 years ago
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Best Cincinnati Bengals vs. Minnesota Vikings Prop Bets

The spread is close, with the visiting Vikings taking the -3 spread (-120) and the Cincinnati spread odds at +105. The over/under for the game is 47.5, with odds of -109 to bet the over and -105 to bet the under.

The Bengals will look to have a different season than last year as they went 4-11. The Vikings are hoping to spoil the Bengals’ home opener with a win of their own to get started on the front foot after going 7-9 last season.

Let’s take a look at the best prop bets going into this game.

Over 35.5 Passing Attempts by Joe Burrow (+100)

Joe Burrow averaged 40.4 passing attempts per game last season and only passed the ball less than 35.5 times in two out of those 10 games. With an offensive line that has not improved much in the offseason and the addition of Ja’Marr Chase to the receiving core, the Bengals will be looking to pass early and often in Week 1 of the season.

Over 22.5 Receiving Yards for Joe Mixon (-110)

This could be a close game, but the Bengals could get put into 3rd-and-long situations a couple of times. Joe Burrow will sometimes take a shot downfield, but he is a smart QB and doesn’t take risks when he doesn’t have to. I could see Mixon get a few screen passes on these plays, which should give him 8-10 yards. In this case, he would only need 1-2 more passes to get him to his 22.5 mark.

Last year, Mixon passed this mark in three out of six games that he played. Hopefully, with some rest this offseason, he will see some more action, especially with the pass-dominant offense.

First Scoring Play- MIN Touchdown (+150)

This last prop bet is a little riskier but is most likely to happen because the Bengals will not be ready at the start of this game. The Bengals' defense will take some time to get acquainted with the new season, and the offense will not be taking very many chances early in the game.

This game should be close, but the Vikings could strike first and wake up this young Bengals team.


The Bengals should have their hands full in Week 1 as the Vikings have improved defensively and have very good talent on the offensive side, as well. If the Bengals are able to keep it close going into the final stretch of the game, they will be able to rely on their crowd to their advantage to hopefully pull off a win to put the Bengals at 1-0.

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