Browns to Cut Odell Beckham Jr.

Browns to Cut Odell Beckham Jr.

3 years ago
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Browns to Cut Odell Beckham Jr.

The Cleveland Browns are going to do it, OBJ will no longer be a member of the Browns.

The Browns plan to cut Odell Beckham Jr. after he was dismissed from practice the past three days. This move first reported on by Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports early Friday morning. Mike Garafolo adding that if not done today, it will be done in the next few days. Adam Schefter confirming everything saying that the financials is what was being discussed and when the Browns finalize the reworked contract, Backham Jr. will hit the waiver wire.

This is a move for the Browns that was made right after the deadline had passed Tuesday afternoon. Reports had surfaced earlier in the day Wednesday that the Saints and Browns had discussions about an Odell Beckham Jr. trade but no deal was reached before Tuesday's 4 p.m. deadline.

In a Wednesday presser, when Kevin Stefanski was asked about the move, he said, "I don’t have a ton of details but I will answer what I can.” In typical Stefanski fashion, he did not give many if any answers. However, he did make it seem that the fracture was for all intents and purposes pretty much irreparable.

Michael Silver of the NFL Network started by tweeting that Stefanski had told the team that “Odell is essentially not on the team and that he has been told to stay home.”

This started to pick up steam after Odell Beckham Sr. went on Instagram and showed Baker missing OBJ on multiple plays. This prompted the rumor mill on Odell to get fired up and per 92.3 The Fan, there were reports that the Saints and Browns were had but there wasn’t a deal reached by the 4 p.m. Tuesday deadline.

Reports also surfaced that the Browns wanted to squash this ASAP and this was the one of the few avenues to do it. Now Beckham Jr. goes to waivers and if he clears the wire, the Browns will have to eat his salary.

This move has been an abject failure. I personally am sad that this didn’t work. As for Odell, I wish the man all the very best and he finds a place he’s happy.

So that leaves the question: WHERE DO THE BROWNS GO NOW? Well, based on last year and say what you want, Baker now doesn’t have to worry about Odell being on the field. He’s got free reign, and if he doesn’t produce, there’s no scapegoat. Baker would tell you that there wasn’t a scapegoat to begin with.

There’s a sect of people that will agree and another that says Baker is the problem. You can make your own judgments but based on the stats, the Browns ARE better without Odell. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out, it CAN happen that way. There could be no one to blame in this. Maybe it just WASN’T MEANT TO BE.

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