NFL Super Bowl Odds | Your Guide to Placing Bets

NFL Super Bowl Odds

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NFL quarterbacks Joe Burrow and Matthew Stafford meet at midfield after Super Bowl

NFL Super Bowl Odds: History

The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most (six) Super Bowls in history. However, neither of these two sides has won in the last four years.

In 2022, the Los Angeles Rams lifted the coveted trophy for the second time in their history.

NFL Super Bowl Odds: Outright Betting on The NFL

Outright bets are completely different from short-term bets like the moneyline or spread bets. Outright bets involve putting your money on a specific team to go on and win the championship at the end of the season. Here is an example of how the Super Bowl odds might look.



Buffalo Bills


Philadelphia Eagles


Kansas City Chiefs


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Minnesota Vikings 


Baltimore Ravens


If you bet $100 on the Buffalo Bills - who are favorites in the table above- to win the NFL Super Bowl, you will win $290 if they go on to win. If you bet $100 on Baltimore Ravens, who aren’t as favored as their odds suggest, and the Ravens win the Super Bowl, you would win $2,000 based on their NFL Super Bowl odds.

NFL Super Bowl Odds: How Outright Odds Change

The initial odds in long-term betting markets are derived from performances in the previous season and rumors in the pre-season. These long-term odds fluctuate throughout the season.

Predicting the team that could win the NFL Super Bowl is a task. A lot of in-season factors, like consistency, injuries, and scheduling come into play and change the odds from what you see at the start of the season.

NFL Super Bowl Odds Strategy

Maximizing value

Adept bettors rely on value when making their decisions. The goal when betting on outcomes is to find odds that are valued better than they should be for the outcome you expect. Outright bets offer long-term benefits when you choose the right odds. Because of the changing odds, you can place smaller, more profitable bets once the season commences. 

Unpredictability is normal

The odds will fluctuate through the season. This inevitable fact should be accepted and understood by bettors. Don’t be scared, and just keep your eyes on the charts, looking for any opportunity that presents itself to hedge previous wagers. Watching games will help you read team patterns.

The past matters

Watch the games to understand teams. Not all of them will be consistent every season, but the history books will tell you more about the favorites and the underdogs. Extracting maximum value from bets will depend on your research and instincts.

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