Like Clockwork; Browns Fall Short, Cleveland Questions Kevin Stefanski

Like Clockwork; Browns Fall Short, Cleveland Questions Kevin Stefanski

Grant Puskar
7 months ago
2 min read
Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson stiff arms Browns linebacker Deion Jones

While it doesn't seem like it will ever be the case, maybe one day the players will begin to be held to as high of a standard as the coaches. I understand, the coach is supposed to be a man amongst boys and a true leader, but trust me, the problem lies more with the players than it does with the coaches.

Take John Johnson for example. He spent the past week calling out the organization and his teammates, only to be seen quitting on multiple different occasions throughtout Sunday's loss to the Ravens.

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It's not like the Browns are just getting blown out of the water week after week. Take away the one blowout loss to the Patriots, and you can make a pretty strong and valid argument that the Browns could be 4-2, maybe even 5-1. 

It's not on Kevin Stefanski that the center moved the ball early which lead to a five-yard penalty that moved the ball back in a crucial spot. It's not Stefanki's fault the kick was blocked. It's not on Stefanksi that Jedrick Wills was blown off the line of scrimmage several times, one in which led to a blindside strip sack of Jacoby Brissett.

Yes, Stefanski is most likely a better offensive coordinator than he is a head coach. That said, he was elected coach of the year for a reason. 

Flashback to some of their brutal losses this season. It's not on Stefanski that the Joe Woods' led defense had a historic meltdown and the special teams unit didn't do their job and recover an onside kick. 

It isn't on Stefanski that rookie kicker Cade York missed two crucial field goals against the Chargers, a game where he needed to just make one of them in order for the team to win. 

Point being; the Browns are a defensive collpase and a few special teams blunders from having a very solid record, one where nobody would even be questioning Stefanksi and his job. 

Stefanksi is leading the sixth best offense in the entire NFL when it comes to yards per game with 378, as they are also averaging 24 points per game. Keeping in mind he is doing this with a backup quarterback, he's doing a fine job.

He is not perfect, in fact far from it. He has his moments, just like any other coach in the NFL does. That said, his seat is far from warm, and he will be here for at least the forseeable future. 

Stefanski is time and time again putting his team in a position to win unil the very end. I get it, the NFL is a results based business. However, to think the Browns are on the verge of removing Stefanski of his duties is quite absurd, considering he doesn't even have his $230-million dollar quarterback yet. 

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