Current NHL Standings & Updated Odds

Current NHL Standings & Updated Odds

Tyler Vaysman
2 years ago
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Vegas Golden Knights right wing Mark Stone and Boston Bruins left wing Nick Foligno battle for a loose puck

The 2022-23 NHL season continues to roll right along, and things are starting to get more intense throughout the league. Playoff standings start to become more important with each passing day, and that creates even more excitement and drama on the ice.

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The Columbus Blue Jackets have been one of the most disappointing teams in the league this season, and they are not going to factor into the playoff race. Columbus actually entered the month of December in last place in the Eastern Conference, and they could end up falling further than that.

You will also hear plenty of talk about the race for the worst record in the NHL this season, as there is a big prize waiting in the draft. Getting the number one overall draft pick could jumpstart any franchise, and Columbus could end up being in the mix.

Here is a look at the rest of the standings in the NHL as we are now in December. 

Tight Race In the East

The Eastern Conference looks like it is the better overall conference this season, especially when you look at the top of the standings. There are some great teams in the mix, but you will also notice a name that’s not usually in that spot. 

Heading into December 7, the Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils are both at the top of the Eastern Conference. Boston just went on a ridiculous winning streak, and New Jersey had one of those earlier this season. 

There is a pretty big name after the top two teams, but then things really start to get crowded. These standings can always change in a hurry, but some teams are digging themselves a bit of a hole already. Here are the other six teams that are currently in a playoff position in the East:

Toronto Maple Leafs (38)

Carolina Hurricanes (34)

New York Islanders (32)

Pittsburgh Penguins (32)

Tampa Bay Lightning (31)

Detroit Red Wings (31)

Surprises In The West

The Western Conference has been flipped upside down this season, as the standings just don’t look like they should. The Colorado Avalanche were supposed to be in complete control in the West, but it’s two surprising teams leading the way. That said, the Avalanche currently have odds to win the West at (+210).

The Vegas Golden Knights are currently in the top spot in the Western Conference with 39 points on the year. Vegas isn’t a huge surprise, as they have been good in recent years, but things get more interesting after that. 

The Seattle Kraken and Winnipeg Jets are actually next on the list with 33 points, and it will be interesting to see if those teams can keep it up throughout the year. At the bottom, you have the Anaheim Ducks, Chicago Blackhawks, and Arizona Coyotes.

If the season ended today, it would be the Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche that would claim the Wild Card spots in the Western Conference. The other three teams from the West that are in a playoff position are the Winnipeg Jets, Minnesota Wild, and the Los Angeles Kings. 

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