How to Bet on Ohio State Buckeyes | Beginner’s Tutorial

How to Bet on Ohio State Buckeyes

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Ohio State linebacker Tommy Eichenberg celebrates tackle against Michigan

How to Bet on Ohio State Buckeyes - Types Of Bets

Not every sportsbook has diverse betting markets for college football, so make sure you look around the scene to understand who offers what. As a minimum, you should see the following key college football betting markets:

Moneyline betting

In this market, you can bet on whether the Buckeyes will win or lose a game - as simple as that, and this is the natural starting point if you're learning how to bet on Ohio State Buckeyes. For example, if the Ohio State Buckeyes (-150) are playing the Michigan Wolverines (+200), then their negative odds mean that they're the favorites. If you placed a $150 bet on them and they won, you'd win $100. If you put a $100 bet on the Wolverines and they won, you'd win $200.

Point spreads

When it comes to how to bet on the Ohio State Buckeyes, spreads are bets placed on the margin of victory or loss of the respective teams in a game. They make the betting market more even so that there isn't a bias toward the favorite. Take a look at the example below to understand how point spreads work:


Points spread odds

Moneyline odds

Ohio State Buckeyes 

-6.5 (-110)


Michigan Wolverines

+6.5 (-118)


You'll notice that the odds for the spread have more parity than the moneyline odds, which are heavily skewed in the Buckeyes' favor. This is because if you bet on the spread, the Buckeyes will start with a deficit of 6.5 points and will have to overcome that deficit for your bet to be successful. 

If the Wolverines win this game or lose by no more than 6 points, your bet on the Buckeyes will lose. Mastering spread betting is a surefire way of going from learning how to bet on Ohio State Buckeyes to becoming an expert. 

Over and under betting

If you understand scoring patterns based on line-ups and history, this is a market you can participate in. Sportsbooks present a number for the aggregate score before the game, and your bet will be on whether the aggregate will be over or under that number. 

Prop bets

Prop bets are built around events that don't have a direct bearing on the final result of the game, such as who will score the first touchdown, how many receiving yards a player will have at the end of a game, and so on.

Outrights and futures betting

Outright in this context refers to the winner of the championship at the end of the season, which is what you'll be betting on. As the name implies, futures betting involves results that are to happen in the future - such as the MVP winner, teams qualifying for the playoffs, and sometimes even off-beat markets like which NFL team a player will be drafted into at the end of a season.

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