Wimbledon Tennis Odds | How to Bet on Wimbledon

Wimbledon Tennis Odds

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Novak Djokovic celebrates Wimbledon title

Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments and the oldest championship in the world. Being such a prestigious event makes the Wimbledon tennis odds of particular interest to sports betting fans.

If you aren’t familiar with tennis odds or do not know what sort of tennis markets you can place a bet on, read our full guide to Wimbledon tennis odds.

Types of Bets You Can Place on Wimbledon

Every bettor that wishes to place a bet on Wimbledon will be pleased to know that they can choose from numerous bet types.

One of the most popular tennis bets is the outright tournament winner, which is placed on a tennis player that the bettor believes will win the tournament. Another popular wager is the match winner bet, placed on the player that the bettor thinks will win the match.

Both of these will be presented in moneyline format. For example:

Novak Djokovic (-120) vs. Rafael Nadal (+130)

In moneyline betting, the favorite has negative odds, while the underdog has positive. In this case, Djokovic is expected to beat Nadal, and his odds indicate that you must spend $120 to win $100. Should you favor Nadal, you must bet $100 to win $130.

Many bettors often place over/under bets, which is a bet on whether a tennis match will end in straight sets or will continue with additional sets. In a three-set format, the over bet will be over 2.5 while the under bet will be under 2.5. But be aware that Grand Slams are best of five sets for men’s matches, so the over/under will be more.

Some bettors like to test their luck and knowledge even further by placing bets on the correct score of a tennis match. These types of bets can be either the correct final score or the score in an individual set.

Types of Betting Markets Available on Wimbledon

The types of bets that we’ve mentioned above are part of several tennis betting markets. Below we will explain some of the most common tennis betting markets and how they work.

Outright betting (tournament winner)

In Wimbledon tennis odds, with outright betting, you are either betting on the tournament’s winner or betting each way on a player. When betting on a player each way, you bet that the player will either win the tournament or finish as a runner-up.

Match betting

In this type of betting market, you will get to choose the winner of a particular tennis match. Most beginners start with this bet before going on to the more complex ones.

Wimbledon tennis odds: set betting

Set betting can be a little tricky, but it also comes with decent rewards. With this bet, you get to predict the exact outcome of a tennis match in sets.

Match total betting

It is also known as over/under betting, where the players are betting on the total games in a tennis match. For example, if Novak Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal 6-3, 6-1, 7-6, then the total number of games would be 29. Now, if you’ve placed an under 31.5 games bet, then you’ll win.

Prop bets

These are entertaining markets that do not necessarilly impact the result of a match. It might be how many aces are served or how many double faults in a particular set.

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