Cincinnati Bengals Preseason Odds

Cincinnati Bengals Preseason Odds

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Cincinnati Bengals safety Jessie Bates celebrates interception

The Cincinnati Bengals have recently emerged as the ultimate dark horses in the NFL and are certainly an NFL team that bettors now need to look out for. 

While moneyline bets, over or unders, spreads, and prop bets are a few markets to explore during Bengals games, the futures market is also particularly ripe for this up-and-coming team. Let’s explore the opportunities you have regarding the Cincinnati Bengals preseason odds.

Cincinnati Bengals Chances of Success

The Cincinnati Bengals aren’t likely to be described by many as Super Bowl royalty and aren’t typically rated with great preseason Super Bowl odds by sportsbooks. But when it comes to betting on them, it’s hardly that simple. A look at their previous record is enough to tell you why. 

The team has the unenviable distinction of having come tantalizingly close to winning the Super Bowl not just once but three times - more than most other teams in the league, having reached three finals and failing to overcome that final hurdle. Their most recent Super Bowl loss was to the Rams in 2022, which will somewhat color the Cincinnati Bengals preseason odds.

We all know the heaviest hitters in the Super Bowl with the best conversion rates - the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Dallas Cowboys. These teams have made it to the Super Bowl at least eight times, with the Steelers having the best conversion rate of 6-2, while the Patriots have a 6-5 record, and the Cowboys come in third with a 5-3 record.

In comparison, the Bengals don’t come very close. However, their ability to reach the Super Bowl on three occasions suggests that the team is a dark horse in the NFL. The more often they consistently reach the final, some would say that their statistical likelihood of going all the way goes up. 

While sportsbooks may not provide the shortest odds for the Bengals in the outright and futures markets, the Bengals are a compelling long-term bet for the reasons above. 

Cincinnati Bengals Preseason Odds: Outrights & Futures Betting

Outrights and futures are two betting markets that are long-term in nature. These markets open shortly after the end of the Super Bowl, around the time the preseason starts. A bet in these markets is realized at the end of the NFL season. 

Odds in these markets for the NFL are usually presented as American odds - whole numbers prefixed with a minus or plus sign to denote the favorites and the dogs, respectively. 

Outright Bets

An outright bet is always only on the winner of an NFL season. If the team you bet on goes on to win the season, you cash out at the odds you placed your original bet with. 

Take, for example, these Bengals preseason odds to win the Super Bowl.













Under these odds, a $100 bet on the Cowboys at the beginning of the season would yield $6,500 if they win the Super Bowl. Similarly, a $100 bet on the Bengals would yield a whopping $10,000 if they were to go all the way. 

The higher the whole number after a plus sign, the more you stand to gain if they win the tournament since the plus sign is always used to represent the underdogs. 

Futures Bets

A futures bet is always on other long-term statistics and eventualities that occur over the season, such as whether a team will reach the playoffs, conference winners, MVPs, etc. 

Take, for example, these Bengals preseason odds of reaching the playoffs. 













Under these futures odds, a $100 bet on the Cowboys would yield $1500 if they were to reach the playoffs. At the same time, a $100 bet on the Bengals would bring $2200 if they were to do the same. 

What makes the futures market interesting is that you can bet on several eventualities not limited to the championship winners, allowing you to analyze consistent teams, identify statistical patterns, and extract value from the betting markets. 

Cincinnati Bengals Preseason Odds: Outrights & Futures Betting Strategy

One of the key aspects of the futures & outright markets is that while the odds open during the preseason, they stay open throughout the season - giving you the opportunity to decide when to enter the market. 

Another aspect that even seasoned bettors must remember is that long-term betting markets have odds that get significantly affected over the season. The physical rigors of the NFL, injuries and new signings are some aspects that can really make the odds swing

With this understanding in mind, here are some fundamental principles you must know about before you start betting on the Cincinnati Bengals preseason odds.

Identify and create value

This comes down to the core principle behind all forms of betting - identify odds that you perceive to be greater than their expected outcomes. This is easier to do while betting on more short-term markets but is still possible while betting on futures. 

The preseason odds are at their most extreme and rewarding, but the odds are also open through the rest of the season. Do you see more value in betting on the most polarized odds or placing safer wagers on odds throughout the season? This forms the core of your betting strategy.

Accept volatility

When you accept that volatility is inevitable, you stop fearing it and learn to embrace it. The NFL is inherently unpredictable, and the odds are too. Instead of hoping the odds don’t change, try to preempt dramatic shifts and hedge your risk by placing counter-bets to offset any eventuality. NFL odds change every week, and you need to have a betting strategy that’s just as agile.

Know your history

They say that history repeats itself - and while that often isn’t the case with sports betting, there’s still merit in analyzing the history of consistent teams. Doing so can help you identify statistical patterns that you can exploit in the betting markets. For example, the Bengals have reached the Super Bowl three times and failed to lift the trophy. 

From that, you could infer that the team has a tendency to fail at the final hurdle or that this makes the statistical event of them winning it the next time even more likely.

Now that you know all about Cincinnati Bengals preseason odds and futures betting, perhaps it’s time to test your theories in the market.

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