Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl Odds | How to Back Your Team

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl Odds

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Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow throws a pass during Super Bowl

It has now been well over half a century since the inception of the Super Bowl - or the AFL-NFL World Championship Game as it was called in its first two editions. To say that the late-60s experiment to merge two football leagues has been a success is an understatement. 

There are few sporting events globally that match up to the scale, grandeur, and popularity of the Super Bowl, which is quite a feat if you consider that the NFL is a distinctly American sport for the most part. This popularity is even more impressive if you consider that it is second only to the UEFA Champions League final, which is the culmination of the regional European soccer season - in other words, a sport that is possibly the only true global sport. 

Cincinnati Super Bowl History

It goes without saying that winning the Super Bowl championship is one of the biggest sporting distinctions that exist in the world today. Of the three teams who have made it to the Super Bowl at least eight times - New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Dallas Cowboys - the Steelers have the best conversion rate with a 6-2 record, while the Patriots have a 6-5 record and the Cowboys a 5-3 record. 

On the other end of this table are the Cincinnati Bengals, who had the dubious distinction of joining a club of teams that have made it to the Super Bowl at least thrice without having won it when they went down to the Rams in 2022.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the Cincinnati Bengals don't go into too many seasons as favorites to win the championship but have become serious dark horses in recent times. As such, it's worth keeping an eye on the Cincinnati Bengals' Super Bowl odds. 

Outright and Futures Betting In NFL

Picking a Super Bowl winner comes under the broad category of an outrights bet, which means it's a market that is open for longer than the actual NFL season runs. Outrights and futures markets are generally open by the time pre-season begins when teams head to their training camps for a month-and-a-half or so leading into the regular season. Outrights markets look something like this:



Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Buffalo Bills


Green Bay Packers


San Francisco 49ers


Cincinnati Bengals


Denver Broncos


On this Super Bowl odds table, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are considered pre-season favorites with odds of +600. This means that a $100 bet on them at the start of the season would pay out a profit of $600 at the end of the season if they won it. You can see that the Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl odds are longer at +1200.

Pre-season odds are not always indicative of how well a team did in the season prior. For instance, despite making it to the Super Bowl in the 2021-22 season, the Bengals weren't even placed in the top 10 in the outrights market in the 2022-23 pre-season.

Outrights and futures market odds do not remain the way they began once the season picks up pace, though, so there is always time to adjust based on how the season begins.

Super Bowl Odds Fundamentals

An NFL season consists of over 270 games as things stand, with each team playing at least 17 games before the playoffs in the span of 18 weeks. You don't need to second guess how much of a physical toll that takes in a sport like football and how much of an effect it has over a season. 

These are all important considerations when you're looking at the outrights and futures markets at the start of the season. From that point of the season, there are very few favorites who have gone on actually to win the Super Bowl.  

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl Odds Strategy

In general, placing championship winner bets on leagues like the NFL, which can have multiple potential winners, is more difficult the further away you are in the season from the final, i.e., the closer you are to the start of the season in the schedule, the harder it is to make a prudent pick. Here are some key things if you're looking to go into the outrights market for Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl odds.

Value is always king

The fundamental rule in all betting is that you need to be able to find odds that are better than what you think is the true value of an outcome. This is not as straightforward to do with an outright bet as it is with a moneyline on an individual game.

So, if you're looking at the odds tables before a season has begun, ask yourself if there is more value in getting in on the Cincinnati Bengals’ Super Bowls odds at that point or in waiting for another time later in the season. Are you going to be better off spending a decent sum early in the season, or will you get more value from it with smaller wagers over the season? These are the questions a pro would ask themselves.

Super Bowl odds can change almost every week

As alluded to above, the NFL has a long and grueling season that takes its toll on players' bodies and minds. It is very easy for a team that is doing well to suddenly get caught in the headlights, lose one game, and find themselves in the middle of a losing streak, as there's little time to regroup once the season begins.

Watch out for such signs - this is usually when outrights markets fluctuate wildly and can offer value. We've seen that things can turn around just as quickly as they've gone awry - and that can give you fantastic odds if you're paying attention at the right time.

History can inform you

Period. We're not saying that the Bengals' history from decades ago will have a bearing on how they do in the playoffs now, but if you look to the immediate past before a season, you can spot patterns in how they do under pressure, whether it's a playoff game or not. This sort of data can inform what could happen - is the roster largely the same? Has there been a change in coaching staff since the last exit? All these are important factors to consider before going long.

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