Cincinnati Cyclones Odds and Betting | A Guide to Success

Cincinnati Cyclones Odds & Betting

Cincinnati Cyclones Odds and Betting

While the NHL grabs most of our attention, the reality is that hockey is played at different levels throughout the United States. In Ohio, we have the Blue Jackets in the NHL, the Monsters in the AHL, and the Cincinnati Cyclones in the ECHL.

Here, we explain everything you need to know about betting on the Cincinnati Cyclones, now that sports betting is legal and underway in the Buckeye State.

Cincinnati Cyclones celebrate winning championship

How to Bet on the Cincinnati Cyclones

Although they might not be Ohio’s biggest sports team, the Cincinnati Cyclones are well supported. Playing in the ECHL, they draw in decent crowds every week and have enjoyed divisional success in recent years. 

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or have recently converted to the Cyclones, you can back them in multiple ways. Here are some of the ECHL markets available to Cyclones fans: 

The moneyline 

The puck line 

Totals betting (over/under)

Prop betting 

Parlay betting 

Futures betting

If you’ve never placed a bet on sports in your life, the above list might seem a little daunting. But we’re here to show you that betting on the Cincinnati Cyclones is actually remarkably straightforward as soon as you get to grips with some of the sports betting terms. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how ECHL odds work and how you can bet on the Cyclones this season.

How do ECHL Odds Work?

The ECHL - East Coast Hockey League - is one notch below the American Hockey League (AHL), but it’s certainly not short of drama. The Cincinnati Cyclones are two-time Kelly Cup winners and have won five division championships, with the most recent coming in 2019. 

While it lacks the profile of the NHL, the standard of hockey in the ECHL is excellent, and there’s a lot to like about the format. 

When it comes to betting on the ECHL, it’s almost identical to NHL betting, just with different teams and players. As such, ECHL odds are expressed in three ways - British (fractional), European (decimal), and American. 

American odds are given in multiples of 100, and a minus always represents the favorite (-), while the underdog is marked with a plus (+). 

Positive American ECHL odds indicate how much profit you will receive from a $100 wager, while negative odds indicate how much you need to bet in order to win $100. 

For instance, if the Cyclones are (+140) against the Everblades (-120) in the playoffs, a $100 bet on the Cyclones would return a profit of $140 if they win. However, if you favor the Everblades, you would need to bet $120 to win $100. 

It’s entirely up to you how much (or how little) you bet on the Cyclones, but you will need to calculate the odds accordingly.

Now we’ve run through the basics; it’s time to introduce you to the most popular Cincinnati Cyclones odds and betting options, so you can prepare your bet slip for the upcoming season.

The Most Popular Cincinnati Cyclones Odds and Betting

The moneyline 

As is the case with any sports bet, the simplest bet to place on the Cyclones is the moneyline. With a moneyline bet, your only job is to pick which team you think will win the match-up. 

Here’s what an ECHL moneyline bet might look like: 

Iowa Heartlanders (+120) vs. Cincinnati Cyclones (-140) 

In this example, the Cyclones are heavy favorites to beat the Heartlanders. We know this as the favorites are always represented by a minus (-) in a moneyline, while the underdogs are always marked with a plus (+). 

The three-digit number indicates the odds that the sportsbook is offering you. So, if you agree and think the Cyclones will win this fixture, you would need to bet $140 to return $100 in profit. 

However, if you think an upset is on the cards, a $100 bet on the Heartlanders would return $120. The moneyline is ECHL betting at its simplest and is a great bet to get started with. 

Also, although the odds are given in multiples of 100, you don’t need to bet big if you don’t want to. For instance, a $10 bet on the Heartlanders would return $12 of profit, should they beat the Cyclones. 

You can bet the moneyline throughout the season, and it’s an awesome way to back the Cyclones as they try to make the playoffs. But as you become more confident, you can crank things up a notch with some of the following ECHL bet types. 

Spread betting (puck line betting)

Spread betting is popular in most US sports. In ice hockey, spread betting is known as puck line betting. It’s a type of handicap bet that is designed to level the playing field and provide you with better odds when backing a favorite. 

In ice hockey, the puck line is usually set at 1.5, but it can vary, so this is something to watch out for. In other words, the sportsbook gives you the chance to back a team with a two-point start or handicap to level things out

Here’s what a Cyclones puck line bet might look like: 

Cincinnati Cyclones +1.5 (+130) vs. Toledo Walleye -1.5 (-120)

In this matchup, 2021-22 Central Champions Toledo Walleye are the overwhelming favorites to defeat the Cyclones out on the ice. In this puck line bet, the sportsbook is essentially giving the Cyclones a two-point advantage (represented by the +1.5) but still thinks Toledo will win. 

So, if you disagree and think that the Cyclones could muster an upset, provided that Cincinnati doesn’t lose by more than two, you will win your bet. As you can see, it brings more results into play. 

Again, the three-digit figures are the odds offered by the sportsbook.

Totals (over/under) betting

Another great way to bet on the ECHL is to place a totals bet. Totals bets are attractive because you don’t need to worry about which team scores the points in the game. 

In ice hockey, the totals line is usually set between 5.5 and 6.5, but it can vary. Often, half points are given to ensure that push bets don’t occur. A push bet is essentially a tie and means that your bet is void and your money is returned. 

Once the sportsbook has set the totals line, you can choose whether you think more or fewer points will be scored in the match and bet the over or under, respectively. 

Let’s take a look at an ECHL totals bet example:

Fort Wayne Komets vs. Cincinnati Cyclones - 6.5

Over -110 

Under -110 

Here, the vig (the cost of placing the bet) is set at -110 for both the over and under. So, a $110 bet on the over or under will return a $100 profit. 

Let’s say the match finished 3-2 in favor of the Cyclones. If you bet the under, you would win your bet, as five goals were scored in the fixture. An over bet would lose on this occasion. 

Bettors often prefer the over because it means a bet is never dead throughout the fixture and keeps things interesting until the final whistle. But the choice is yours! 

In ice hockey, be mindful that totals bets are often limited to regulation time, so overtime and shootout goals don’t typically count for your totals bet. 

Prop betting

Prop betting is a really fun way to crank things up a notch when betting on the ECHL. This is because prop bets are concerned with events that occur during the match, and they’re not associated with the final outcome. 

So the Cyclones could be having a stinker on the ice, but some of your prop bets might still come in. Ice hockey bets can be split into team and individual prop bets. Let’s take a look at some examples of each: 

Cyclones team prop bets 

Over/under total team goals scored on the ice in regulation time. 

Over/under powerplay goals. 

Shots on goal in regulation time. 

Both teams to score during a specific period.

Cyclones individual prop bets 

Jesse Schultz anytime goal scorer. 

Louie Caporusso to score the first goal of the game.

Justin Vaive total points (over/under), goals and assists. 

Matt Robson clean sheet. 

The best thing about prop bets is that they keep things interesting throughout the duration of the game. You can build multiple team and individual prop bets if you like and bring them together in a parlay, as we explain below.

Parlay betting

You can build a parlay bet if you want to boost your odds. Often known as an accumulator, a parlay bet is where you pick multiple outcomes to occur simultaneously. 

The easiest way to do this with an ECHL bet is to review the game week fixture list and pick two or more teams to win that week. For example: 

Cincinnati Cyclones, Utah Grizzlies, and Maine Mariners @ +320 

Instead of betting three individual moneylines, you can bring each team together in a parlay, which improves your odds. In this example, if the Cyclones, Grizzlies, and Mariners win, a $100 bet would return $320 in profit. 

But here’s the catch: in a parlay bet, all of your selections must come in for you to win your bet. If the Mariners concede a last-minute goal to tie after the Cyclones and Grizzlies have done their bit, your bet is dead. 

Parlay betting can be fun, but it’s important not to get too carried away. The odds are impressive because parlay bets don’t often come in, so bear this in mind when building your weekly ECHL betting slip.

Futures betting 

Last but certainly not least, futures bets are another great way to bet on the Cyclones. The beauty of a futures bet is that it enables you to make predictions before the puck drops at the start of the season. 

So, if you have a pretty good feeling about the Cyclones at the start of the campaign, here are some futures bets that you might consider placing: 

Kelly Cup winners 

Divisional champions 

Top divisional goalscorer 

Seasonal MVP

While it’s best to place your futures bets at the start of the season, you can wait until a few games are underway if you prefer. This can give you a feel for how things are going before committing to specific bets. 

Just be mindful that your odds are likely to worsen if you wait, particularly if the Cyclones make a fast start to the season!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NHL betting legal in Ohio?

You can now enjoy legal sports betting in Ohio. You can find licensed and regulated online sportsbooks where you place bets on all types of sports, including Cincinnati Cyclones matchups. 

What hockey leagues can you bet on?

While most hockey fans focus on the NHL, you can also bet on the AHL and ECHL to broaden your horizon. This is great news for Cyclones fans, as you can back your team on most major sportsbooks. 

Is betting on the Cyclones profitable?

Betting on the Cyclones can be profitable, but it really just depends on the bets that you place. You must study the form and injury lists to ensure accurate information for the upcoming game week. Provided you do your research; you can make good money betting on the Cyclones and other ECHL teams. 

Can you bet on the Kelly Cup?

The Kelly Cup is awarded to the ECHL playoff winners and is the equivalent of the NHL’s Stanley Cup. As such, you can place a futures bet on who you think will win the Kelly Cup at the end of the season. You can also bet on the individual playoff games when the schedule is announced, enabling you to back the Cyclones all the way to Kelly Cup glory.