2021 NFL BOLD Predictions

2021 NFL BOLD Predictions

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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2021 NFL Bold Predictions

The NFL season is rapidly approaching, and that means we need to start looking into things like futures bets and what exactly we expect this year in the league. While it may not be part of your process before now, I’d always suggest going through things like win totals, championship/league odds, award odds, and player props to start the season. 

This will give you a good feel for what these teams and players should be. Sometimes in the offseason, the hype around one team can build, and you can think of them as a 10-win team instead of an 8-win team. This doesn’t mean that you cannot still expect them to win 10 games, it just means that you are higher than the field, and that is important to know moving forward.

The Washington Football Team Wins the NFC East & Cowboys Make the Playoffs

I am actually pretty high on both the Washington Football Team and the Dallas Cowboys because of their best units being able to be the best unit on the field in any game they play in. The Cowboys' offense was explosive last year before the Dak injury, and they return basically the entire team. 

That being said, the best unit in the division is the Washington Football defense, and I expect them to be the best defense in the NFL this season with a veteran playmaker at QB, elite speed at receiver, a high-end RB talent, and a coaching staff that has solid experience. The win total here is 8.5, I think we see 11 or 12 wins from this team, maybe even more.

The Eagles Draft Spencer Rattler (League’s Worst Record)

I just hit on the NFC East a bit, and I think that there is a bit of correlation here. The Eagles have a QB that they have no faith in, regardless of what some recent reports may suggest. This is a new coaching staff that has done some questionable things right off the bat. The wide receiver talent is reliant on a rookie and a rookie that hasn’t been entirely healthy, the defense lacks elite speed, and the over-rotation of skill players can be maddening. Fade the Eagles.

The Colts Clinch the AFC South by Week 17

The Titans have been a great team over the last few years, but I want to bet on the Colts along with some natural regression with Tennessee. Someone like Derrick Henry and his playstyle has really benefited the Titans late in the season, but he has never dealt with an injury.

Speaking of injuries, the Colts have had major injury problems, and although we saw injuries flash before our eyes again weeks ago, it seems like the Colts have avoided major catastrophe for now. I love the Colts team building, and roster construction, and I will be willing to bet on this staff to win games and make good decisions.

The Bears Make the Super Bowl

I saved the best for last here and this would be an all-time stunner, but there are pieces that we can work with here. The defensive front seven is good. The back four is top-heavy but not incredibly exploitable. 

They have a top 10 WR talent and a breakout WR and TE candidate in Allen Robinson, Darnell Mooney, and Cole Kmet. They should have an explosive playmaker at QB by this point (it’s the only way they will make the playoffs). The line should get better and healthier by season’s end, and I think it can be the 13th best line instead of the bottom ten like it could be to start the year.

Rookie QBs in the playoffs can be an issue, but I think Fields is ready for the big moments, and this is a bet on the defensive talent more than anything with overall volatility on offense. If Mooney, Kmet, Fields, and Jenkins (high-end rookie tackle out for injury for months) can ALL hit, this offense should be able to keep up, even though it’ll be a very tough ask. +3500 is tasty here if you can stomach it.

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