2021 NFL Prop Bets: First Head Coach to Get Fired

2021 NFL Prop Bets: First Head Coach to Get Fired

Ryan Knuppel
3 years ago
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2021 NFL Prop Bets: First Head Coach to Get Fired

The NFL is a fickle league, and we all know that there will be multiple head coaching changes at the end of the season. Will we have someone fired before the end of the season, and who exactly could be that guy?

Let's take a look at some of the best bets to get canned, or leave their position, soonest.

Mike McCarthy (+700)

McCarthy is a bit old-fashioned and would not have been my head coach of choice when they made the change, but I think that we will likely see the Cowboys improve this season with a healthy Dak Prescott, and no changes are made. That being said, McCarthy isn’t a media darling, and there is plenty of talent on the Cowboys roster to argue that anything less than a division championship is worth a firing.

Zac Taylor (+800)

Could Taylor get another chance if he shows promise this season? Yes, but there is also a scenario where this offensive line kills his offense, and that is all that matters for Taylor’s tenure to be over. I think that the team building could save Taylor’s job if he has a chance to make a case for himself, and I think that there is a world where Taylor is actually a fine coach.

While he hasn’t done a great job in terms of piling up wins, I don’t think that Taylor has proven to be a bad football coach when it comes to scheme and locker room management.

Matt Nagy (+800)

Nagy is known to be on the chopping block here, but I think that the drafting of Justin Fields will eventually bail Nagy and GM Ryan Pace out. Nagy is a sharp guy who speaks well and seems to do fine in the locker room and with the owners, so I think that they will lean towards keeping him if Fields gets into the games and has success. I think that we will be expecting the Bears to improve from this year to next year, and that will keep Nagy’s job.

Joe Judge (+2000)

I think that Joe Judge should be the favorite to be fired first during the NFL season or shortly after. Judge’s team stinks, and he is in a huge media market that will put a lot of pressure on the organization to win. This team looked horrible in the preseason, and the personnel isn’t promising to me.

This is a Giants team that has question marks due to injury at tight end and running back to start the season, along with a dreadful offensive line and a defense that really doesn’t scare me at all. This team could fall flat on its face if Daniel Jones looks like he did in the preseason, and I think that this could result in a firing very, very quickly. Most of the worst teams in the NFL this year are starting with pretty new coaches that I expect to be relatively safe.

Judge also has a pretty rough staff around him with someone like Jason Garrett as the OC, and I think this could be a scapegoat or a downfall for Judge. The owner seems adamant about keeping the GM and the coach, but I think their expectations for the season are just off, and once they are let down, that market will not let this go on for any longer. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this team with a new coach, a top 5 pick, and a new QB to start next season. 

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