2022 NFL Pro Bowl Prop Bets You Can't Miss

2022 NFL Pro Bowl Prop Bets You Can't Miss

Cole Paganelli
2 years ago
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Tyreek Hill and Stefon Diggs walk back to the Wide Receiver group side by side at the AFC Pro Bowl practice

Although some harp on the Pro-Bowl for not being competitive enough or guys don't enjoy it, Fans of the NFL enjoy it... and enjoy betting on it too. Here is a look at some props that could interest you come Sunday.

With four straight Pro Bowls, the AFCis likely to be favored to win a fifth on the merit of its roster alone. Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel will coach some high-quality talent, including quarterback Justin Herbert, wide receiver Tyreek Hill, tight end Mark Andrews, running back Jonathan Taylor, linebacker T. J. Watt, and defensive end Myles Garrett, towards that end.

Patrick Mahomes passing yards: 68.5 

Mahomes should reach this total without any problems. Considering he has over 150 yards passing in two minutes against Buffalo in this year's divisional round. A quarter to get 68 shouldn't be too bad. 

With his two partners in crime Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, he definitely won't be uncomfortable out there and will have some familiar faces to pass. The over looks intriguing in this scenario.

Kyler Murray passing yards: 110.5 

Murray, like Mahomes, can put it on defense pretty quickly. But 110.5 is a lot of yards to cover in a Pro Bowl, and chances are some scrambling is in the mix for the Cards signal-caller. 

It's almost a toss-up, any Cardinals fan would tell you otherwise, but there is no telling what the offense will look like in this game and how much playing time Murray will receive. Be cautious with this one. 

Justin Jefferson receptions: 3.5 

Jefferson is sharing the field with some elite talent this weekend with guys like Mike Evans, CeeDee Lamb, and Deebo Samuel. 3.5 seems pretty high considering everyone will touch the ball, and likely one receiver won't get a bulk of the touches. 

Now, if Kirk Cousins is paired up with Jefferson, you never know where that could go, but regardless 3.5 seems a little high. 

Alvin Kamara: 15.5 receiving yards 

Kamara is a beast out of the backfield, especially in the passing game. Kamara will be sharing the backfield with both Dalvin Cook and James Conner, who are competent pass catchers but aren't anywhere near Kamara. 

The Saints back should see all the game-planned short screens and dump-offs out of the backfield, considering his ability to both. Now a running back has never got more than seven carries in a Pro-bowl, so chances are he might not even see one. He could just be used as a pass-catcher. 

Tyreek Hill receptions: 2.5 

Hill is going to have his quarterback Patrick Mahomes feed him that ball a little bit in this one. Chances are he will see more than three targets, and if he can come down with them, all the over should hit. 

Now he is sharing the field with some great receivers like everyone else, but the fact he has his quarterback out there looking for him should give betters some solace when thinking if this is the right move or not. 

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