5 Reasons Football Season is the Best Season

5 Reasons Football Season is the Best Season

3 years ago
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5 Reasons Football Season is the Best Season

Finally, we have arrived at a point where we will have football in some form or another every weekend until next February. There is nothing better than NFL Sundays, college Saturdays, or even Friday night lights.

There are a seemingly infinite amount of reasons as to what makes football season better than every other time of year. Here are the top five.

1. Tailgating

There isn’t a more iconic duo than football and tailgating. Hours before kickoff, fans from all over party in the parking lot, grilling up delicious food and breaking out the bag set. There’s also beer; lots and lots of beer.

Tailgating brings family and friends together to just have a good time before heading into the stadium. It happens in other sports like baseball sometimes, but not like when it’s for football.

2. Fantasy Football

Being in a fantasy football league is practically a requirement for every football fan nowadays. But what’s great is that the appeal is so universal, even people who aren’t watching the action on Sunday are still invested in their fantasy team all season.

Mondays at the office are much more entertaining now when you and your co-workers can shoot the breeze about how your fantasy teams did. Honestly, the only thing keeping this from being number one is when your Grandma wins your league despite her whole team being auto-drafted.

3. NFL Red Zone

There are two words ushered by host Scott Hanson that send goosebumps to millions of football fans every week: “Witching Hour”. Otherwise known as the final hour of action for the first batch of games on NFL Red Zone.

Whether you’re following your fantasy team, your bets, or just because, Red Zone allows fans everywhere to see every touchdown and big play, all from their living room. And when there is action going on throughout multiple games, there are few things better in sports.

4. The Weather

September is the best weather month and there is no close second. The first few weeks of football season are played under beautiful sunny, warm skies or under the stars of a crisp night. Football arriving signals a departure from the blazing hot summer while still precluding the harsh winter ahead.

But even when winter does come, is there any more aesthetically pleasing than football played on a blanket of snow? You get all types of weather for football, and unlike other sports, you know the game is going to happen regardless.

5. Hope

This could apply to any sport, but there is something about the hope football fans have for their team leading into the season. A long offseason leads to a training camp full of pleasant surprises, which leads to breakout preseason performers, which finally leads to Super Bowl dreams by Week 1.

Two things usually happen during the season. Fans are either revved up for their team and are looking forward to the playoffs, or fans are shifting attention to the draft and other future happenings. But the hope never stops during football season.

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