Aaron Rodgers Next Team Odds

Aaron Rodgers Next Team Odds

Cole Paganelli
2 years ago
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Aaron Rodgers takes a look at the field in Green Bay during a 2022 NFL Playoff contest.

Once again, dreadful does not quite depict Green Bay's 2021-22 season. The squad had everything on their roster to pull through the postseason. Yet, a first overall spot in the NFC North and a 13-4 season record proved insufficient when facing the San Francisco 49ers for the divisional playoffs.

Many fingers have been pointed at various factors which have sunk Packers' hopes for Super Bowl glory for over a decade. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been one of the leading figures responsible for Green Bay's lack of championship-level performances. As a result, many questions have been raised about Rodgers' potential departure from Green Bay, whether true or not.  

Why Would Rodgers Even Consider Moving?

The Packers had one of the best regular-season records over the last four years. Rodgers is an apparent factor that played into propelling Green Bay back to top conference and division spots. That is why some believe it's hard to envision Green Bay's very own quarterback taking a stand and moving away from his beloved Packers. 

It's even harder to imagine a move after looking at some of Rodgers' numbers for last season. With 4,115 passing yards and 37 touchdowns, that's not an average set of digits for a mid-level NFL quarterback. So far, the case is not strong. 

Yet, when looking at the fact that Rodgers has led Green Bay for the last 16-seasons and has only one Super Bowl win, the story slightly tilts. If Rodgers is also holding to a playoff record as the quarterback with the most consecutive postseasons without appearing in a Super Bowl game, the argument is now strong. 

Rodgers hasn't been underperforming by any measure. He is regarded as one of the top quarterbacks to have played for Green Bay. Filing in for Brett Favre is not an easy task either. 

Although Rodgers has built a strong performance record over at Green Bay, he may not be the player the squad needs anymore. Or at least, that is the angle most die-hard Green Bay fans and Wisconsin locals want to take. 

Where Rodgers Could Go

Currently, the pool of teams Rodgers could opt for increases every day. First of all, odds do point to Rodgers staying in Green Bay as the most probable outcome. The odds for Rodgers remaining as the Packers' quarterback are around -225. So, although there could be a potential move, all figures are still showing that Rodgers could stay suited in green and gold. 

The Denver Broncos are emerging as the second most probable team Rodgers could join for the 2022 season. The odds of Rodgers joining the Broncos are currently around the +250 mark. Some have even placed Rodgers as a potential replacement for Big Ben over in Pittsburgh.  

So far, +350 odds are placing Rodgers as part of the Steelers for 2022. The list goes on from the Miami Dolphins to the Philadelphia Eagles. Expectations are that the list will not get smaller any time soon. What is still undetermined is Rodgers's path for the next NFL season. 

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