All Bets Are On: Best Bets This Week

All Bets Are On: Best Bets This Week

3 years ago
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All Bets Are On: Best Bets This Week

The NFL is back, so Bruce Drennan and Matt Fontana discussed their favorite picks on this week's All Bets Are On podcast via ESPN Cleveland.

This week, we think big picture. All the way down the road to January and February, when the NFL season comes to a close.

Of course, placing those long-term future bets now would result in a bigger pay day.

Matt Fontana locked in a few hot bets this week.

Tampa Bay Will Not Win NFC

It certainly feels as if America has fallen in love with the regining champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason, and for good reason.

Fresh of the heels of a Super Bowl victory in 2020, they still have the greatest qurterback of all time, Tom Brady, at the helm. They also brought back every key piece that helped them win the hardware last year.

While Tampa Bay is the betting favorite (+300) to win the NFC, Fontana is picking the Green Bay Packers (+550).

The Packers have returned disgrunted Aaron Rodgers for what is being dubbed as the veteran's "Last Dance" in Green Bay. The Pack was just a play short from winning the NFC last season.

Green Bay Packers To Win Super Bowl 56

The Packers are tied with the Buffalo Bills for the third best odds (+1200) to win the Super Bowl this year. 

The reigning AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites to win the Super Bowl (+475) with the Bucs behind them at (+650).

With Rodgers back in Green Bay, Fontana picked the Packers to win the whole thing.

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