Amari Cooper Betting Markets: Best Bets, Over/Under, Yards and TDs

Amari Cooper Betting Markets: Best Bets, Over/Under, Yards and TDs

Ayden Fahlstrom
2 years ago
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Cleveland Browns receiver Amari Cooper catches warm-up pass ahead of their pre-season finale

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Amari Cooper is in a new home, with a new system. After being traded from the Dallas Cowboys to the Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper is expected to reach 950.5 yards and seven touchdowns.

Now with the Cleveland Browns, time will tell if Cooper’s new team allows him to flourish and go up another level that will propel him into the elite wide receivers, or if his best days are behind him and he is not the same player he was with the Raiders and Cowboys.

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Why Amari Cooper Will Hit The Over

Cooper has reached over 950.5 yards in five of his seven seasons. Cooper is an incredibly consistent receiver who puts himself as the wide receiver number one everywhere he goes. Cooper has reached seven or more touchdowns in four of his seven seasons as well.

Cooper is also used to adjusting as he was traded in 2018 in the middle of the season and maintained a great year and career with Dallas. Cooper doesn't seem to struggle no matter who the quarterback is.

In this new offense, Cooper is the bonafide No. 1 wide receiver. In a team that does not have the best wide receiver room, Cooper will likely get all the passes he can handle. For the time that Jacoby Brissett will line up at quarterback, he is not a guy that tries to make a play out of nothing, so as long as the play calls look for Cooper, it will go his way.

Once Deshaun Watson makes his return, it should open up the offense to be more pass-heavy, allowing Cooper to easily hit those yards and touchdown numbers. If Cooper was able to get eight touchdowns last season in a struggling year, and a time where he was competing for passes with CeeDee Lamb, Cooper should easily be able to get eight in Cleveland.

Why Amari Cooper Will Hit The Under

Cooper is coming off of an underwhelming season and has to adjust to a completely new system. In Cooper’s last season with Dallas, he only had 865 yards receiving, but did tie his career high in touchdowns with eight.

The issue, however, will be less with his production last year and more with the offense that will be in this season. With the 11-game suspension for quarterback Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns will have Jacoby Brissett at quarterback. With a quarterback like Brissett, the Browns don't seem like they will pass a ton, leading to Cooper not getting the yards that he typically would. 

The Browns are already a run-first team, behind one of the best running back in the league in Nick Chubb. Now, with a quarterback that will likely only pass 15 to 20 times a game if the game script calls for it, Cooper will not get the receiving yards or the goal line receiving touchdowns, due to Chubb being one of the best power backs in the league.  

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