Avoid These Three Bengals Players in Fantasy Football

Avoid These Three Bengals Players in Fantasy Football

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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Avoid These Three Bengals Players in Fantasy Football

We have entered mid-August which means time to prepare for another long season of fantasy football. Every season, it is a time of sheer happiness, disappointment, and regret all mixed into one, but we always come back the next year for more!

The Cincinnati Bengals players’ fantasy production is never an easy one to pick. Will the Offensive Line be able to protect Burrow from pressure and, more importantly, injury? With all things to consider, like the health of the players, the offensive line strength, and the defensive struggles of past years, let’s look at three players who you should try to avoid this season during the fantasy draft.

CJ Uzomah/Drew Sample… Yes, both, either… Don’t pick them

First and foremost, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT settle for CJ Uzomah/Drew Sample for the Tight End position. Last season, they combined for a grand total of 2 touchdowns! They will be, most likely, splitting their time, and their usage is still way up in the air.

With the firepower that the Bengals hold at the wide receiver position, there will be very little possibility for production, with Ja’Marr Chase, Tyler Boyd, and Tee Higgins all needing to get their touches. Ever since the injury-ridden Tyler Eifert left the team, there has never been a reason to choose a Bengal for your TE position, and this season is no exception.

Bengals DEF… No surprises here

Next, as already stated above, the Bengals' defense has been abysmal in recent years. With no defensive starting additions from the draft, we should be seeing more of the same this year with a team that will be heavily focused on its offense to produce enough to outscore their opponents in what looks to be a lot of shootout games. The Bengals Defense ranked 26th in yards allowed per game (389.38), 22nd in points allowed per game (26.5), and 27th in takeaways (17). This is not a recipe for a high production fantasy football defense. Steer clear!

Joe Mixon… Tough choice but too much of a risk

Lastly, and this one was a difficult one to pick, Joe Mixon should be kept off your team unless he sneaks into the 3rd or 4th round in your fantasy draft. Mixon, who only played 6 games last year due to injury, has averaged just over 70 yards per game on the ground in his past two seasons, combining for only 8 touchdowns in those 22 games.

With the Bengals choosing Chase for their first-round draft pick this year, they did not get any Offensive Lineman that will be starting at the beginning of this season. It is hard to say how Mixon will improve in his rushing game with this same Offensive Line.

With the Bengals being so pass-heavy last year, it can be assumed that this will be the same story this year. Mixon should get some touches in the air but will need a considerable amount to overcome the expected struggles in the backfield. He will be able to get more snaps per game than last year with the departure of Giovanni Bernard, but his injury risk and spotty Offensive Line are enough to look for better options, especially in early rounds.

Fantasy Outlook for the Bengals

The Bengals players, this year especially, will be hard to choose for fantasy production. The Chase, Boyd, Higgins trio is deadly, but who will be getting most of that production? It is tough to say. With so much talent, any of those threats could go off on any given game. Their success relies very heavily on the health of Joe Burrow.

The Bengals will be throwing the ball a lot, but how will Joe Burrow fair coming off a major injury and a similar Offensive Line as last season. With another season under his belt, he brings a little more experience than he had last year and knows more of what to expect out of opponents and figuring out how to create success on this team. If he can stay healthy, he can be a good option at the QB position because of how often the Bengals will be passing. Depending on how big of a fantasy league you are in, it wouldn’t be a bad move to take Burrow in later rounds as a starter/backup option.

And here marks another year of fantasy football, good luck and go Bengals!

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