Bengals Coaches Are Mad At Evan McPherson For Watching Halftime Show?!

Bengals Coaches Are Mad At Evan McPherson For Watching Halftime Show?!

Nick Pedone
2 years ago
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Bengals Kicker Evan McPherson celebratesduring Super Bowl LVI.

Get a load of this. The Bengals coaching staff is still sour that rookie kicker Evan McPherson stayed on the field to watch the halftime show.

Get a grip.

McPherson went viral last month for staying on the field at SoFi Stadium to enjoy Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar's Super Bowl 56 halftime performance.

Now, Cincinnati's special teams coordinator, Darrin Simmons, is upset that his rookie kicker stayed on the field.

"That's a sore subject," Simmons told The Athletic. "That's a real sore subject."

You know what else is a sore subject, Darrin?

The fact that the Cincinnati Bengals would've never sniffed a playoff— let alone Super Bowl— birth without McPherson.

McPherson was one of the best kickers in the league this year. Period.

He was 28-of-33 on field goals during the regular season for the Bengals and 46-of-48 on extra point attempts. He did not miss a kick in the playoffs, or in the Super Bowl.

Perhaps if one of Cincinnati's offensive linemen, who are so bad they aren't even verified on social media, was head-banging to The Next Episode, we'd have a bigger problem on our hands. But that's not the case.

Simmons also noted that long snapper Clark Harris stayed on the field, but avoided the cameras unlike McPherson.

Alright, dude. Sure. The TV crew was absolutely dying to capture the long snapper on camera, and he skillfully dodged them throughout the full performance. I doubt it.

Kickers are like gold in the NFL. They're a new form of currency.

If the Bengals are so unhappy with theirs, cut him. Trade him. Send the 22 year-old 90s rap fan up north to Cleveland. Bring back Fat Randy who pretended to be hurt after he missed a kick and he didn't even know which leg to hold.

Oh. You don't want to do that? Then stop talking about it.

McPherson also noted that he has never been in the Bengals locker room during halftime. He had planned all along to stay on the field.

Every NFL season that doesn't end with a Lombardi trophy has a scapegoat; a player, coach, or official that cost the team that season. Don't make McPherson your scapegoat, Cincinnati.

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