Best 2022 NFL Draft Bets to Place Now

Best 2022 NFL Draft Bets to Place Now

Ayden Fahlstrom
2 years ago
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Kenny Pickett meets with media ahead of 2022 NFL Draft

When it comes to betting on the NFL Draft, there isn’t necessarily a perfect way to approach it. There is plenty of information out in the public about which players teams may like or dislike, how teams are planning to approach the draft and which direction the teams are leaning. However, some of that information is leaked by agents, players, and teams to try and influence certain decisions. 

When this year’s NFL Draft starts on April 28 in Las Vegas, it is unique in that there is no clear-cut quarterback available at the top of the draft. In fact, there seems to be little agreement about which offensive linemen and pass rushers may end up in different spots. Here’s a look at the best value available on sportsbooks.

Take a chance on the guy with small hands

Pitt standout Kenny Pickett led the Panthers to their first 11-win season since 1989. Pitt won its first-ever outright conference title in its history by beating Wake Forest in the ACC championship game. Most of the Panthers’ success can be attributed to the 6-foot-4, 23-year-old quarterback. 

Last year, Pickett passed for 4,319 yards and threw 42 touchdowns, which ranked sixth and fourth nationally. In addition, Pickett is at +125 to be the top quarterback selection. The only choice on the board who is higher is Liberty’s Malik Willis, who is pegged at -170. While Willis is thought to have a high ceiling, he is more of a project.

Pickett is thought to be more pro-ready and may be a good fit for the Carolina Panthers at the No. 6 pick. While this quarterback class isn’t deep, Pickett seems to be a guy who is destined to land in the top 15.

Go under on signal callers

There is always a need for a strong quarterback in the NFL, but this may not be the draft to get one. The over/under on quarterbacks chosen in the first round is 2.5, with +188 for anyone willing to take a chance on the under. Pickett and Wilson seem to be a consensus for people choosing in the first row. However, the next wave of guys, North Carolina’s Sam Howell, Cincinnati’s Desmond Ridder, and Ole Miss’ Matt Corral could all slide to the second round.

With the quarterback carousel going crazy in the offseason with Denver, Indianapolis, Washington and Atlanta all making major changes at the position, teams may want to rely on veterans and try to address other needs early. With this weekly regarded class, a shot at the under may be worth the nearly two-to-one payout.

Go under at safety

There is one consensus, slam-dunk pick for safety in the first round, with Notre Dame’s Kyle Hamilton. However, beyond that, the draft seems ripe to see a lot of offensive linemen, edge rushers, and cornerbacks go in the first round. Betting under 1.5 safeties selected in the first round pays +130.

Many draft services don’t have another safety besides Hamilton being graded in the top 75 prospects. With a lack of top-end talent and plenty of other talented players available at key positions, betting under on safeties selected in the first round could be a good spot to get plus money.

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