betJACK Special: The Big Play - Michigan vs. Ohio State

betJACK Special: The Big Play - Michigan vs. Ohio State

Grant Puskar
1 year ago
2 min read
Ohio State Buckeyes running back TreVeyon Henderson runs for a touchdown vs. Michigan

It hasn't always been pretty this year for Ohio State, but that doesn't matter. Regardless of how good and bad they've looked at times throughout the season, one thing remains perfect about this team, and that one thing happens to be the most important thing; their 8-0 record, led by heisman-candidate CJ Stroud.

The Buckeyes currently sit at a perfect 8-0 record, coming off of a big-time win against Penn State after exploding in the fourth quarter. 

The Michigan Wolverines also happen to sit at 8-0. Their season has also gone down a similar path, as they have had some dominant wins, as well as some ugly ones. 

While this highly-anticipated annual matchup is still a little under a month away, betJACK is currently running "The Big Play" special. It's never too early to start thinking about the matchup against the team up north, and what bets you might consider playing during the big game.

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That said, how long will the longest play from scrimmage be?

50-74 Yards (-110)

While this bet having -110 odds might seem like a shock for a football game, when it comes to Michigan and Ohio State, this makes complete sense.

Not only does this rivalry bring big plays year in and year out, it brings many different surprises. Again, banking on a big play to win a bet might seem like a bold move, but in a game like this, it has those -110 odds for a reason.

25-49 Yards (+200)

While this may seem like a safe bet, banking on there not being a 50-plus yardage play from scrimmage in this game is very risky.

Again, both teams are two of the most explosive teams in the league. Unless you are a big time defensive believer, I would stay away from this one.

75+ Yards (+700)

Placing a bet like this one is definitely the most fun option that is on the table for this special. However, this is a pretty hefty ask for these two teams.

I know both of these teams are more offensive-centered, but the defense that both squads bring to the table are not pushovers. 

0-24 Yards (+1100)

Simply put; I would be blown away if there is not a play longer than 24 yards in this game. Ohio State is good for a play longer than 24 yards almost every single game, and the same could be said about Michigan. 

The top two options for this special seem to be 50-74 yards or 75+ yards. Again, these teams are some of the top ranked teams in the nation for a reason. Expect a lot of points, and expect a lot of big plays. 

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