Browns Offense Has Collapsed Since Bye Week

Browns Offense Has Collapsed Since Bye Week

Mac Blank
1 year ago
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Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson and head coach Kevin Stefanski discuss during game against New Orleans Saints

Now that the Browns have been officially eliminated from playoff contention, fans and talking heads are putting the entire 2022 season under the microscope. All are not only questioning the job done by defensive coordinator Joe Woods, but some are now questioning the job head coach and play caller Kevin Stefanski has done this season. 

Some will point to the obstacles the Browns offense had to overcome this season, such as the defense being a liability, Deshaun Watson’s suspension, and him shaking the rust off this past month. What you can’t argue is the historic collapse of this offense since the bye week, especially the past four weeks.

Watson Getting Better, But Still Struggling

To state the obvious, of course, Watson going almost two years without playing football professionally has a factor, but to sweep this abomination under the rug and blame it solely on Watson is unfair and doesn’t tell the whole story. 

Especially since what was such a proud offense turned into a shell of itself after the bye. Before the bye week, this same offense reached the 400 total yard mark a total of four times. The following three weeks, with the same quarterback under center, they didn’t reach said mark once. 

In every NFL season, there will always be a few teams that get significantly better after the bye; whether it’s because the players are getting more comfortable with the playbook or the chemistry has finally had time to mesh. 

Rarely, if ever, do you see a team take a drastic step in the other direction. After their week of resetting and self-reflection, the Browns did just that. 

The Offense that ranked 4th in expected points averaged went from 4th to 18th in the league in a span of seven games. 

Zooming in further, the offense with Watson under center is even more alarming. For the first time during his tenure in Cleveland, Stefanski has his true franchise quarterback, yet he’s failed to score two offensive touchdowns in a game the past two weeks. 

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Perspective Is Alarming

To put that stat in perspective, this year in total the Browns are 14th in points, and all but one of the 18 teams below them scored two offensive touchdowns in a game at least once in the past four weeks. To make matters even worse, 13 of the 18 teams do not have a franchise quarterback.

While Browns reporters like clevelanddotcom's own Mary Kay Cabot are stating Stefanski will not be fired after the season, who’s to say owner Jimmy Haslam won’t change his mind if the Browns don’t improve offensively. 

Being negative in offensive EPA three out of his first four starts is definitely worrisome and there’s no guarantee it could get better. Unlike the past two years, people in Cleveland are questioning whether Kevin Stefanski is hindering the quarterbacks production, and not the other way around.

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