Chicago Bears vs. Los Angeles Rams Sunday Night Football Betting Preview

Chicago Bears vs. Los Angeles Rams Sunday Night Football Betting Preview

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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Chicago Bears vs. Los Angeles Rams Sunday Night Football Betting Preview

The Chicago Bears head to Los Angeles to start their season against the Rams. There have been some big changes in Chicago and it’s time for their first test of the year. Andy Dalton will make the start over Justin Fields. However, there are a lot of questions surrounding the veteran quarterback. His mobility is the greatest concern heading into Sunday’s game. 

We know the main focus for Los Angeles is going to be defense. The truth is though that we’ll get a couple of new looks at the Rams. For starters, we’ll get to see Matthew Stafford in his first regular-season game as the new QB. We’ll also get to see Stafford behind a healthy offensive line, something the Rams haven’t had in a while. With the point spread being Rams -7.5, who’s the best pick at the sportsbook?

Is Dalton the right move at QB for the Bears?

Perhaps the biggest question leading into Sunday night is whether the Bears are making the right decision at QB. The problem with Dalton is mobility and getting out of the pocket. The defense of the Rams is a tenacious group, Dalton might find himself on the ground often. Had Justin Field made the start, he’d probably navigate the rush easier. He’s also a bigger threat to make plays with his legs. 

The Bears are only getting +7.5 here, so the main thing you’ll have to consider is the defense. We know the offense will struggle, but can the defense stop the Rams. Normally, we’d say the Bears have a great defense and can do it, but Sunday night is different. A sizable portion of the Bears defense is on the injured list. Including two starting linebackers and safeties. These players will be game-time decisions, so keep an eye on the injury report before betting.

A fast start for the Rams is needed in 2021

The Los Angeles Rams have a strong offensive and defensive mix, but they were missing something in 2020. The final piece has been added with the addition of Matthew Stafford in the offseason. Stafford is an intelligent quarterback, that handles pressure, and has an incredible arm. He’ll do great in Head Coach Sean Mcvay’s offense, and should be a valuable addition.

The Rams went 10-6 against the spread in the 2020 season. With the addition of Matthew Stafford, they become even more trustworthy against the spread. Pair that with an incredible defense with a strong front seven and secondary, and it’s a recipe for a winner. If you’re looking for a trustworthy pick at the sportsbook, the Rams are it. Plus they’ll only have to cover 7.5-points.

My pick for Sunday Night Football: Los Angeles Rams -7.5

The Chicago Bears have way too many injuries piled up on the defensive side of the ball. Had they been healthy, this game could’ve been much closer. We also have questions about how Andy Dalton will fit in Chicago, especially after his stint in Dallas. With a questionable offense and an injured defense, the Bears aren’t a good pick here. 

The Rams however have a strong quarterback behind a healthy offensive line. They also have a defense that can force a lot of turnovers. Look for the Rams offense to be on full display and for the defense to terrorize Andy Dalton. The best pick at the sportsbook for Saturday night is Los Angeles Rams -7.5

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