Cleveland Browns Minicamp Offers a Glimpse of Fall

Cleveland Browns Minicamp Offers a Glimpse of Fall

Nick Pedone
2 years ago
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Cleveland Browns Minicamp Offers a Glimpse of Fall

Football seasons come and football seasons go. While every team has a perfect record and a theoretical shot at a title in June, things are different in Cleveland now. They are not only different from the Freddie Kitchens’ era; things have changed since the Browns made their first playoff appearance in 18 years last January. 

While the 2020 football season began in disarray due to COVID-19, all signs point to the Cleveland staff running everything like a well-oiled machine in their second season in Berea. This goes for everything from bringing draft picks into town and making them feel comfortable and yes, fortunate to be in Cleveland, to nailing rookie mini camp and this week’s full roster version of mini camp.

Get Better In June: Win Games In Fall

One must continually remind oneself that this is June and that some of these players have not taken a true snap in the NFL yet. That is a point that has not been lost on the players. To a man, you will hear them acknowledge the workload that lies in front of them. They seem unfazed by this notion.  

The focus, the desire to learn and get better, the willingness to do what it takes, are not only spoken, but hang palpably in the air. Players are speaking highly of other players and relationships are being formed. This may not be unusual on a football team, yet this doesn’t have the feel of your average team of guys coming together. These players like each other and will begin to trust and believe in each other through practices, meetings and eventually games.

The Browns Are Loaded With Talent

Just look at this team. 

It is a team that might fit best on the pages of a superhero comic book if not for the NFL. Baker Mayfield’s exploits on and off the field over the past five plus years would entertain anyone and can’t you just see a picture of one of his 70-yard laser throws on a page? Myles Garrett may actually be Superman. Nick Chubb may be even stronger than Myles. Denzel Ward could jump up and knock a star out of the sky. Then just for fun, the Browns drafted Anthony Schwartz who would gladly race The Flash.  

In all seriousness, this team is loaded with talent. Kevin Stefanski and staff are responsible for getting the most out of that talent while keeping them focused and playing for each other. The thing is the team is having fun. Already. That is a great sign. You may not know this, but you can get a lot more done in a loose work environment than in a strict one. Trust me. It works. Stefanski knows this.

Staying Healthy & Safe

Meanwhile, the reports are positive on Greedy Williams, Grant Delpit and Odell Beckham Jr. We will all continue to hope for the best as they continue their recoveries. What a boon it would be to get production from any of them next season, let alone all of them.  

The furor over voluntary mini camp died down a long time ago. We are not hearing about guys being out of shape. Whether you like it or not, Zoom calls will continue and players will do a lot of training outside of the complex as the seasons roll on. 

Just like other employers have found that employees can do their jobs effectively at home, NFL players can train at home for a good portion of the year. The thing to watch for will be injuries. They can be somewhat random as we know. They can also highlight areas of ill preparedness.

Finding the middle ground that has players prepared to play with minimal
contact in practice and the fewest injuries throughout the season should be the
goal. The Browns approach in this camp seems to be conservative and smart as
far as keeping guys healthy. 

After all, the real goals for this minicamp are few and will be easily accomplished.

They want to build community. Trust between players and with coaches is key. Getting players to fully buy into the season’s mission is key. This includes adopting a week-to-week focus for new players. 

They will get some of the playbook truly installed, but not much. Some of the playbook is on trial at camp. The staff wants to see what they have in some guys. Impressions made this week could help to determine a player’s fate. The main goal is to keep the team healthy. Let’s hope that happens! 

Enjoy what you’re seeing this week. This team is for real, and the season will be filled with big moments. Don’t miss any of them! 

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